How Would You Update the Settings of Your Email Software for SMTP?

If you are using email software like Outlook or Windows Mail, you require using accurate settings for the transaction of messages through email.

If you want to send emails through certain mail server, you should keep in mind to configure your email software with the exact SMTP settings. It’s because of the recent security improvement that you need to use the precise settings especially at the time of sending email with a third part ‘From’ address, for example, an address from your own personal domain name.

However, you should note that if you use Webmail instead of email software, you won’t have to worry about these settings. You can just sign in and send and receive messages right away. Also, email users can send messages through third-party addresses straight within Webmail.

Which outgoing SMTP settings should be used?

If you want to send messages through certain specific mail server, your email software needs to configure the SMTP settings in order to enable email transaction.

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  • SMTP server – You need to use the specific server name that matches the ending of your email address. For example, if your email address is, you should use the server name
  • SMTP authentication – While configuring the SMTP settings, you need to enable or tick this option. If you are using Apple Mail on the Mac, choose the ‘Password’ option.

You should note that some email users accessing their email account with email programs likes Outlook 2007, may have to switch off SMTP authentication, but only when they do not experience any difficulties while sending email. They can un-tick ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’ option. On the other hand, the issue can be resolved by upgrading to higher version of Outlook.

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  • SMTP username and password – You should use the same details you have opted in for receiving mail. Make sure that you provide the full email address as your username, for example
  • Secure Password Authentication – You need to disable or un-tick this option.
  • SMTP SSL – You must enable or tick this option.
  • SMTP Port – Though default SMTP port is 25, you can check with your service provider in case you want to use different SMTP port.

Email users should note that different email software offers slightly different way of checking and amending email account settings. So, you should configure SMTP settings accordingly.


How Cloud SMTP Service Benefits Online Businesses?

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The ever evolving world of technology has seen some remarkable innovations in recent times; cloud computing technology is one such. Owing to this latest development in the computing world, sending emails has become a lot easier and faster. On the other hand, hosting services have been in existence for a long time and are no less popular among the online marketers.

Basic Hosting Services

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Usually, there are two primary options for hosting: shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is cheaper, as servers are shared between the clients of hosting provider. It means that if you own a website and work on shared hosting, your website will be hosted on the same server as of others. Email marketers too face lots of problems, if they depend on the shared hosting servers.

On the other hand, dedicated server is highly advanced form of hosting, as clients purchase complete physical servers with no other clients sharing it. Dedicated SMTP servers provide full control over hosting services. However, there are some limitations in the context of dedicated servers. You need to calculate the required capacity beforehand. If you underestimate the capacity, you may have to cope with the lack of required resources, whereas overestimating can lead to unnecessary charges.

What is Cloud Server?

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Cloud servers, in some respects, work similarly as the physical servers but the main difference lies with the functions of these servers. If you decide to go for cloud hosting, you are renting virtual server space on the place of purchasing or renting physical servers. These servers are generally paid according to hourly usages. Nowadays, some SMTP service providers have started offering cloud SMTP service to their clients.

How Cloud Servers are different from Dedicated Servers?

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Dissimilar to dedicated servers, cloud SMTP service runs on a hypervisor. The main role of hypervisor is to keep the capacity of operating systems under check. The cloud hosting services provide multiple servers to each particular client so that computing resources could be dedicated to a particular client in case the necessity arises. Cloud servers also offer redundancy so that if one server fails, others take over its functions.

Key Benefits of Cloud Servers

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Scalability and Flexibility With the help of cloud SMTP server, users can access extra resources as and when they require it.

Cost Effective Most bulk email servers charge hefty sum of money on the pretext of offering highly valuable services but, in the contrast, cloud SMTP server charges clients only for what they use at a particular time.

Easy to Set Up It is extremely easy to set up cloud servers in your device, as it does not require much initial setup.

Reliability As there are number of SMTP servers available to resolve the problems, users remain unaffected even if some cloud SMTP service encounter certain kind of problems.

So, if you are looking for success in your online business endeavours, make sure to avail of services of cloud SMTP servers.

SMTP has Made Emailing a Fun Experience

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Emailing is no doubt the best communication tool for human kind today. Whether you are a businessperson or a student, emails are used by one and all. If business persons can make use of this communication tool for dispatching promotional newsletters to subscribers, students can get in touch with their tutors and fellow mates with the help of emails. In many ways, emails have brought the people closer.

Using email for personal and professional works can make the whole communication process much easier, faster and flexible.

Who can use Email?

According to the stats, a large number of people, around the world, consider email as the primary mode of communication. It is not only advantageous for businesses but has empowered people from all walks of life. Emailing has become the symbol of modernisation and can be used by people to stay connected with their near and dear ones as well as acquaintances, living far off.

The Biggest Challenge for Email Users

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Though emails are used everywhere but businesses are among the most benefitted lot, especially in online market. The biggest challenge for online businesses is to maintain the smooth flow of emails that are sent in bulk. As not every email server promises hassle free bulk email delivery, sending mass emails have surfaced as one of the biggest challenges for online marketers. Other constraints include maintenance of IP, customer support, compatibility with email applications, reputation management, among others.

What is the Solution?

If emailing is done effectively and smoothly, huge benefits are in store for online marketers. To make the entire emailing process easier, you can think of outsourcing the SMTP relay service from any reliable and reputed SMTP service provider. This server is supposed to give you an “out of the world” experience while sending bulk emails.

Highlight of SMTP Services

Supports Email Applications – SMTP is compatible with almost every email application, such as Send Blaster, Mac Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Interspire, Mail Evolution, etc.

Superior Web Mailer – To make the emailing a smooth experience, SMTP offers easy and advanced web mailing services to clients. With the help of web mailer, clients can manage their subscriber list and connect to them with complete ease.

Dedicated IP Service –
Clients can now ask for the dedicated server to make sure that their IP address remains unadulterated. Additionally, cloud computing technology assures of smooth email delivery.

Reputation Building –
Reputation of online marketer makes a huge difference in success and failure of businesses. SMTP server manages your IP to strengthen your reputation in online market.

Expert Support – The reliable SMTP provider offers expert support, round the clock.

Hence, you see how SMTP relay service helps you manage your email campaign. There are several other benefits that you can experience after outsourcing the services from a trustworthy and experienced service provider.

Services offered by reliable SMTP Provider are simply the Best

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Email marketing is considered as one of the most effective and result-oriented marketing methods in present times. In today’s world of technology, as more and more people are gaining access to computer devices and internet connection, the popularity and acceptance of email marketing have soared high.

It is a widely known fact that marketing done through emails can make a big and positive impact on your business. Email marketing, in all probability, if done right, can bring high Return on Investment (ROI) and increase traffic on your web page.

However, it is necessary for email marketers to connect with SMTP server, if they want their marketing campaign to be successful. This mail server makes the process of emailing smoother and faster.

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) looks after outgoing mail delivery process and makes it smoother. It happens sometimes with email marketers that in spite of having installed SMTP, emails sent by them are not being delivered properly.

So, What is the option Left with Email Marketer?

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If such circumstances occur, email marketers should instantly check their SMTP mail server connection and if needed, they must find an alternative. They should seek services from a reliable and trustworthy SMTP service provider because of the quality of services offered by them.

Features of a Reliable SMTP Server Provider

Support to every email application

The reliable SMTP server is attuned to almost every email application. So, it does not matter whether you use Mac Mail, Mail Evolution, Send Blaster, Mozilla Thunderbird, Interspire or any other email application, an experienced service provider is compatible with almost all the email applications.

Promotional Mail Delivery

For a successful email campaign, your emails and newsletters need to be delivered properly. The experienced SMTP providers have developed their technology and expertise to effectively deal with all the email delivery requirements.

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Superior Web Mailer

SMTP providers with expertise in the market offer advanced and easy web mailing service to their clients and allow them to benefit from smooth emailing experience. The advanced web mailer also helps you manage your subscription list and connect to the subscribers with greater ease.

Dedicated IP Service

If you are a bulk mailer, you must have a dedicated IP. Though SMTP providers offer shared as well as unique IP, bulk e-mailers should go for dedicated IP services. Some of the SMTP providers offer cloud computing technology to assure speedy and timely email delivery.

There are several different services offered by SMTP providers. Email marketers should make the best use of SMTP services to ensure success in their email marketing campaign.

An SMTP Server makes an Email Marketing Plan Succeed

Email marketing is one of the most important and effective online marketing tools. As most businesses are going online, the need of email marketing is increasing by the day. However, ordinary outgoing mail servers fail to meet the prerequisites of a successful email marketing strategy. Therefore, most businesses that rely heavily on email marketing choose to use an outgoing SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol server.

An SMTP server is the most reliable email server when it comes to sending out mails to clients and customers. The features an SMTP server provides are unique and unmatched. A SMTP server is trustworthy and an email marketing strategy can work brilliantly if an SMTP server is relied upon. Here are few of the advantages of an SMTP server that work in the favor of email marketing strategies.

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Bulk Email

Bulk email marketing is the best way to send out emails and newsletters to clients and customers all around the world. Sending out mails in bulk is only possible through SMTP servers and it is one of the most cost effective ways of sending out mails to a large number of people all at once. Email marketing uses only bulk email services to ‘spread the word’.

Tracking Emails and Maintaining Reports

In an email marketing strategy it is very important to track the status of your emails. Tracking your emails is only possible if you use an SMTP server. Your mails will be tracked till they are delivered to the recipient. You can also find out whether your mail has bounced, is in queue or has been deferred. It is also possible to find out the recipients reaction and response to the email. Using this service, you can now find out how successful your email marketing strategy has been.

Avoids Emails from Going into SPAM

What happens most of the times is that, your email or newsletter goes into spam or the junk mail of the recipient. This way, many emails do not reach recipients inbox and are therefore deleted even before it is opened. SMTP servers make sure that your mails reach the inbox of the recipients without fail. This reliable service helps people circulate their emails and newsletters without the fear of them landing up in the junk mail or as spam.

Email marketing is highly successful if a reliable SMTP server is used to send out the emails. SMTP servers make sure that mails reach recipients effectively and safely.

Top-class features of SMTP to help you in email marketing endeavours

Email marketing, the most popular marketing method that introduces high traffic and growth to the online business endeavors. Most of the online marketers these days prefer it over other traditional marketing ways. There are some good reasons for it to gain a huge popularity on the web platform.

If email marketing performed and followed religiously, it promises of a huge growth to the marketing campaigns. In contrast to the traditional forms of marketing, a lot of time and money can be saved through email marketing campaign.

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The traditional forms of marketing take longer time to make an impact on the businesses while benefits can be accrued in little time with the help of email marketing campaign.

Role of Outgoing Mail Server in Email Marketing

Most of the marketers prefer to email their clients after finishing off the work of the day. They have to send emails to a large clientele and if anything goes wrong, marketing campaign can get ruined.

One needs an effective outgoing mail server for continuous and trouble free emailing experiences. Besides, a reliable outgoing mail server helps in easy flow of bulk emails. Such outgoing mail server also helps in maintaining the reputation of IP address.


SMTP is one reliable and trustworthy mail server that benefits the email marketers in many ways. There are various features of this server to help the email marketers in long as well as short run.

Take a look at some of the most valuable features of SMTP

Bulk Email Delivery : Being an email marketer, you will always need to get in touch with a large mass of clients. While other servers falter in sending a huge number of emails to different Ids in one go, SMTP mail server proves effective and efficient in this regard. This server enables technology and expertise to maintain a positive and strong reputation of IP address, which ultimately makes the difference while sending bulk emails.

Transactional Email Delivery : Delivery-time restricted and crucial business applications are oftentimes attached with important business information. Here again, a positive IP reputation plays an important part in delivery of such emails. SMTP mail server employs active reputation management of IP to maintain a positive and effective IP reputation. Sender authentication programs, string delivery reporting and security delivery infrastructure are the additional features to ensure top class performance.

Dedicated Mail Server: Oftentimes, emails on the shared path or network encounter problems in the delivery process. Email marketers need a dedicated mail server for emailing at ease and with effectiveness. SMTP mail server provides a dedicated mail server to each and every premium user.

These are some of the top-class features of SMTP mail server to help you in the email marketing endeavours.

Make the Switch to SMTP and Enjoy the Benefits

Technology has developed and enables one to stay in touch with the rest of the world. Therefore the passage of time and development of science has improved the communication codes to a great deal. It is the mailing system today that exemplifies the benefit of science to a great deal.

The electronic mailing today has become almost synonymous to a revolutionary concept. With the growing importance of emails it became imperative to set up an excellent mail delivery mechanism. This is the reason that SMTP was developed. Today, it is all thanks to the SMTP server that faster and smoother mail sending has become this easy.

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If you are still asking yourself why switch to SMTP server then it is very essential for you to know that this protocol is extremely user friendly. It is quite popular with the mail senders as well. Taking the help of a few short listed commands and reply codes, it dispatches mails to the other SMTP servers. Error messages are generated by it in case the message does not reach its destinations. One of the best advantages of this protocol is that it can work with different operating systems. Therefore, you do not need to worry about installing this protocol in your operating system.

At times migration to a new web server seems to be totally impossible. But what if your server offers you the best of advantages just like SMTP server offers? You probably would then love to make the switch. Bringing with it a host of advantages and benefits, you cannot probably afford to ignore the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

You can also with this server brush off the problem of your bulk mail delivery. Over the years email marketing has evolved greatly and here a personal attachment with your client is crucial. Sending emails day in and day out does nothing but adds onto the email volume. One of the most common problems while sending bulk emails is that it might cause a delay in mail delivery. It is at this time that you need to realize that your current email does not have the capability to handle bulk emails being sent daily. So, it is high time that you install an SMTP server.

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With all these advantages you just cannot say no to SMTP server. Therefore, make the switch today and start enjoying a smooth and fluid electronic mailing on the go.