SMTP has Made Emailing a Fun Experience

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Emailing is no doubt the best communication tool for human kind today. Whether you are a businessperson or a student, emails are used by one and all. If business persons can make use of this communication tool for dispatching promotional newsletters to subscribers, students can get in touch with their tutors and fellow mates with the help of emails. In many ways, emails have brought the people closer.

Using email for personal and professional works can make the whole communication process much easier, faster and flexible.

Who can use Email?

According to the stats, a large number of people, around the world, consider email as the primary mode of communication. It is not only advantageous for businesses but has empowered people from all walks of life. Emailing has become the symbol of modernisation and can be used by people to stay connected with their near and dear ones as well as acquaintances, living far off.

The Biggest Challenge for Email Users

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Though emails are used everywhere but businesses are among the most benefitted lot, especially in online market. The biggest challenge for online businesses is to maintain the smooth flow of emails that are sent in bulk. As not every email server promises hassle free bulk email delivery, sending mass emails have surfaced as one of the biggest challenges for online marketers. Other constraints include maintenance of IP, customer support, compatibility with email applications, reputation management, among others.

What is the Solution?

If emailing is done effectively and smoothly, huge benefits are in store for online marketers. To make the entire emailing process easier, you can think of outsourcing the SMTP relay service from any reliable and reputed SMTP service provider. This server is supposed to give you an “out of the world” experience while sending bulk emails.

Highlight of SMTP Services

Supports Email Applications – SMTP is compatible with almost every email application, such as Send Blaster, Mac Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Interspire, Mail Evolution, etc.

Superior Web Mailer – To make the emailing a smooth experience, SMTP offers easy and advanced web mailing services to clients. With the help of web mailer, clients can manage their subscriber list and connect to them with complete ease.

Dedicated IP Service –
Clients can now ask for the dedicated server to make sure that their IP address remains unadulterated. Additionally, cloud computing technology assures of smooth email delivery.

Reputation Building –
Reputation of online marketer makes a huge difference in success and failure of businesses. SMTP server manages your IP to strengthen your reputation in online market.

Expert Support – The reliable SMTP provider offers expert support, round the clock.

Hence, you see how SMTP relay service helps you manage your email campaign. There are several other benefits that you can experience after outsourcing the services from a trustworthy and experienced service provider.


Why your business can’t survive without SMTP

With the kind of hype that has been surrounding social media marketing, it is almost easy to believe that e-mail marketing is a tool that has already become obsolete. But is that really true? Look around you carefully. Social media with help you generate the buzz and get a point or two across, but can it really replace e-mail? It can’t.

The electronic mail is a tried and tested, faithful tool of all marketers. It retains the same amount of importance and has the same, if not better effect. However, the rules of the game have changed a bit. It is easier to get classifies as spam, it is easier to get blacklisted and it is not that easy to cold call anymore – you actually need permission. But there are still plenty of benefits to reap from an e-mail marketing campaign, especially of you have a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server and service provider at your service.

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One of the first benefits is the ability to seamlessly send e-mails in bulk. Whether you are a small business that is just getting started or you are a big corporation with offices sprinkled across the world, you need to send a lot of e-mail, every single day. They may range between two thousand to two hundred thousand mails per day, but with an SMTP server it is no longer a problem.

Maintaining a mail server is both a hassle and a drain on the pocket, so why go into all that trouble? If you have a professional and reliable SMTP service provider, they use the technology behind cloud computing to take care of everything. Just sit back, relax, and let your Cloud SMTP do all the work.

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As mentioned earlier, today it is very easy to get sent into the deep abyss of the e-mail recipients spam folder. Your IP address is your reputation; don’t tarnish it. An SMTP service provider will warm up your IP address, include SPF and DKIM authentication, and in general keep your online reputation blemish free. After all, you don’t want your hard work to end up in the trash can, do you?

Now imagine that you’ve worked very hard on the e-mail content, sent it out at perfectly timed intervals and yet the response is lukewarm or less. You’d definitely want to know if anything went wrong in the whole process, wouldn’t you? If you have a professional SMTP service provider, they will provide you with detailed reports and analysis about the e-mails that you sent and about what happened on the way.

So remember not to pay too much attention to the hype. Do your social media marketing, but make sure that an e-mail campaign complements and takes advantage of the attention you garner elsewhere. And don’t forget to drop us a line about whether you agree or not, and why.

Attain the Best Emailing Services to Stay a Step Ahead of Your Competitors

Emailing problems are not rare. They are pretty commonplace nowadays; the corporate sector is heavily affected with the troubles that accompany modern emailing services. Email problems mainly crop up pertaining to faulty configuration of an email client or due to wrongful account set-up; whatever may be the reason, you may be wasting at least half an hour everyday on email related problems which may majorly include the following:

  • Mail receiving errors
  • Log in difficulties
  • Problems pertaining to maximum size limit of email messages
  • Bounce-back of IMAP mail messages
  • Bounced emails
  • Duplicate copies of emails hitting the inbox
  • Error pertaining to distribution list emails

How can you solve so many problems altogether? Simple!! You only have to search for an authentic SMTP service provider rendering flexible offerings. A service provider will firstly analyse the issues before addressing them in the most appropriate way. These service providers will firstly ensure that they have an answer for all kinds of emailing issues that are majorly experienced by individuals while they try to connect with people from different corners of the world.


A majority of service providers usually offer benefits which may include the following:

Bulk emailing: The business world is increasingly becoming dependent on email services. Now, that email marketing has become a common promotional tool, commercial entities are highly considering proper email delivery to strengthen their marketing campaigns. A lot of SMTP service providers are nowadays offering spam control on bulk delivery services so that their email campaigns turn effective.

Tracking reporting: Tracking and reporting are among the most significant offerings provided by an SMTP service provider. It helps attain optimum visibility on the current status of email delivery. The service provider will ensure that their clients are able to receive the feedback and are able to learn the delivery status of their mail messages.

Sender reputation: Goodwill is most important when one wants to get identified in the web world and an authentic IP address is considered the key to success when one wants to make it big in the email marketing arena. The reputation of the IP address largely determines the success of an email delivery. After all, it is important to build a brand reputation in order to survive the tough competition prevailing in the modern business world. In order to attain the best emailing solution you have to first work with an authentic service provider.

Dedicated IP services: An SMTP service provider will ensure that a client gets the maximum out of a dedicated server. Such IP services are majorly geared towards sending high volume of emails faultlessly.