How To Get Error Free Email Platform Migration

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A company like yours needs to send unlimited emails to millions of customers within a very short span of time. There might be a moment when you might want to consider changing your service provider. You need to expand your business and reach out to more people. But there are several different difficulties that arise. Here are a few such examples.

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  Important Emails In The Spam Box

Primarily, companies switch providers because their mail is not reaching their customer’s inbox. A new platform can ensure that the emails are delivered efficiently. But some may end up in the user’s spam box since the email addresses may be outdated. The bouncing addresses must be erased and you must make sure that you only have the addresses of those with whom you wish to communicate and you know that they will respond.

What You Are Expected To Do

Get Professional Assistance 

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Make sure that you get the assistance of a professional who can help you enhance your open and click rates. At what time and under what condition an email is to be sent will be best assessed by a person who deals with this domain in technology.

Gain Optimum Response From Receivers

The newsletter with the subject line, html design, copy writing and landing pages should be examined so that the email obtains optimum response from those who are reading it.

The email lists should be revised and the names of the inactive recipients should be deleted so that the active recipients can get their mail in time.

How To Migrate Data

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If you are unable to migrate data, your reputation as an email sender declines. Emails lists should be updated so that to ensure top quality and to ensure the rate at which the email is being sent.

When an old email provider is left by any company, you are at the risk of losing valuable data like bounces, unsubscribes and spam complaints.

You need to ensure that you have transferred and restored all the valuable data before you relinquish access to the email providers. They offer tools that can help you transfer and restored all the data that you may require.

Too Fast Too Soon

You should also avoid sending too many emails in frequent intervals to the same person. IP addresses are often shared by companies so that it reduces the expenses. But if this address is shared, in the long run, your reputation may become questionable.

The first thing you need to do is build a good reputation with a fresh IP address. You should also have a clear contact list.

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Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is an Internet standard for email transmission. It doesn’t have a built-in mechanism to verify a sender’s identity. This allows anyone to send emails or receive them.

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) are the two methods that check your emails and if there are persistent problems they are sent to the spam box. The former establishes a relationship between your IP address and domain name. The content of your domain is checked so that no one can change it.

These are a few solutions to some problems that seem to arise when we deal with emails being sent and received.

Do you have any point that you would like to add? Feel free to share your opinions.

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Services offered by reliable SMTP Provider are simply the Best

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Email marketing is considered as one of the most effective and result-oriented marketing methods in present times. In today’s world of technology, as more and more people are gaining access to computer devices and internet connection, the popularity and acceptance of email marketing have soared high.

It is a widely known fact that marketing done through emails can make a big and positive impact on your business. Email marketing, in all probability, if done right, can bring high Return on Investment (ROI) and increase traffic on your web page.

However, it is necessary for email marketers to connect with SMTP server, if they want their marketing campaign to be successful. This mail server makes the process of emailing smoother and faster.

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) looks after outgoing mail delivery process and makes it smoother. It happens sometimes with email marketers that in spite of having installed SMTP, emails sent by them are not being delivered properly.

So, What is the option Left with Email Marketer?

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If such circumstances occur, email marketers should instantly check their SMTP mail server connection and if needed, they must find an alternative. They should seek services from a reliable and trustworthy SMTP service provider because of the quality of services offered by them.

Features of a Reliable SMTP Server Provider

Support to every email application

The reliable SMTP server is attuned to almost every email application. So, it does not matter whether you use Mac Mail, Mail Evolution, Send Blaster, Mozilla Thunderbird, Interspire or any other email application, an experienced service provider is compatible with almost all the email applications.

Promotional Mail Delivery

For a successful email campaign, your emails and newsletters need to be delivered properly. The experienced SMTP providers have developed their technology and expertise to effectively deal with all the email delivery requirements.

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Superior Web Mailer

SMTP providers with expertise in the market offer advanced and easy web mailing service to their clients and allow them to benefit from smooth emailing experience. The advanced web mailer also helps you manage your subscription list and connect to the subscribers with greater ease.

Dedicated IP Service

If you are a bulk mailer, you must have a dedicated IP. Though SMTP providers offer shared as well as unique IP, bulk e-mailers should go for dedicated IP services. Some of the SMTP providers offer cloud computing technology to assure speedy and timely email delivery.

There are several different services offered by SMTP providers. Email marketers should make the best use of SMTP services to ensure success in their email marketing campaign.

How Assists in Your Email Marketing By Eradicating Bugs and Malware Threats?

In the present times, business owners need to send out newsletters and other business related information to the clients spreading throughout the world. Most businesses prefer to communicate with their clients over emails because it is safe, secured and fast. However, it happens sometimes that your mail server does not respond fast in delivery process and sent emails jump into spam box.

So, if you encounter such disturbances with your email marketing campaign, SMTP mail server can be an ideal solution to you. There are some good reasons for you to prefer this outgoing mail server. SMTP mail server is laden with several features to check spamming and make the email communication faster and smoother.

Constantly adding varieties to SMTP features, COMODO hacker proof vulnerability services have been introduced by Your emails are now safe and protected and threats from bugs and malware are washed out.

COMODO has earned reliable reputation because of its potential to fight off the bug threats from your emails and system. Here are some dominant features of COMODO hacker proof services:

SMTP Provider Hacker Proof Service


This hacker-proof service works on some proficient anti-viruses and the scanning process starts as soon as you switch to any program. The antivirus works efficiently to recognise the threats and debug your email programs and system.


Email users do not need to worry about firewall, as almost every testing site values the firewall services of COMODO.


The Host-based Intrusion System works efficiently to remove the unidentified bugs from web-based programs and system. This application is responsible to stop unknown threats from spreading to the files, folders, settings and windows registry. To intercept the installation of unknown files, Default Deny Protections comes into play.

Remote assistance

Now your emails and computer system can be disinfected from bugs by the technicians anytime and from anywhere.

Process monitoring

Your system is constantly monitored through the KillSwitch application which protects and sanitizes your mails and system.

Malware cleaning

If antivirus could not detect some malware threats, the Cleaning Essentials is equipped with the weapon to take care of them. You can download the latest updates on internet for entire duration. facilitates the necessary applications to eradicate malware from your system and emails. In addition to the COMODO, there are many other features of this service provider to facilitate smooth and fast email delivery experience.

The highly defined features and services of are solely for the purpose of overwhelming emailing experience. So, connect with this SMTP service provider to achieve your marketing goal with ease.

Why SMTP Mail Server is regarded as Effective and Reliable in Online Business World?

In the past, long distance phones calls and sometimes, hand written letters were used for communication purposes. But the things have changed now and modern technologies are widely being used for personal as well as business communication. The advent of internet has completely transformed the way people communicate today.

In the business world, communication is utmost necessity for the growth of business ventures. Email has become the primary mode of communication in present times. Most online business enterprises go for email marketing campaign because it is convenient and affordable.

SMTP Server makes emailing easier and faster

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The deliverability of electronic mails largely depends on how effective your SMTP server functions. This server is responsible for smooth delivery of thousands to millions of emails.

However, restrictions and limitations imposed by ISPs do not allow you to send emails to a person on the different network. There are reasons for ISPs to not allow email communication on non-identical networks, lack and security and wrong usage of email ids are the prime concerns. But, SMTP relay server has been designed to make emailing much easier.

SMTP relay server undertakes vast range of functions in the email marketing world. It’s because of this server only that bulk emailing has become smoother and effective. However, you need to find out a reliable SMTP provider to make the best use of SMTP services.

Here are a few functions of SMTP relay server in email marketing world

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Bulk Email Delivery

It is not easy to send bulk emails for most business organisations. There are some stringent rules imposed by spam control making it tough to send bulk emails. However, SMTP mail server is designed for the very purpose of making bulk email delivery easier and smoother. You can now hope for on-time delivery of bulk emails.


Transactional Email Delivery

Most business related emails consist of crucial business information that needs to get delivered to the recipients at the earliest. However, most times these emails are not delivered on time or get deferred. SMTP mail server maintains the positive reputation of your IP thus it helps in on-time and effective delivery of transactional emails.


Tracking Reporting and Stats

Once emails are sent, users need to know about the delivery and other details of their sent emails. However, not every email server provides such facilities. On the contrary, SMTP server provides all the information related to delivery, deferment and feedback from clients.


Cloud SMTP

This is relatively newest service on the board. Cloud SMTP helps you increase the deliverability of your emails without any need to host an in-house server.

There are many more functions of SMTP relay server to ensure smooth and effective business communication. If you are into email marketing, install SMTP server on your computer system, mobile devices or other PDAs.

For an Effective Email Delivery, SMTP Server is Must

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Internet is one of the most remarkable inventions of modern era and emails are the top communication medium. Both of them together have made a difference in the modern communication world.

Emails rule the roost in present day’s communication world. Be it personal or business affairs, emails are trusted to transmit messages from one source to another. Emails have become the most trusted partner of communicators. Meanwhile, emails are taken as a crucial application ensuring the success or failure of business ventures.

Email marketing is the latest talk of town. A lot of business owners trust emails for marketing their products. However, for a result-oriented email marketing campaign, there is a need of reliable and efficient outgoing mail server, SMTP.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP mail server is widespread in use because of its user-friendly features and sheer competent features. Whether you need to send bulk emails or keep your emails spam-free, SMTP proves handy under each and every circumstance.

Though SMTP functions in easy way but it is responsible to look after most important aspect of email marketing. For a wide outreach, emails need to be delivered fast and effectively and SMTP does just that.

The moment send option is clicked on the computer screen, email client gets in touch with SMTP server that connects with the servers of recipients and subsequently delivers the emails. This sounds simple but there are many steps involved in the entire process.

It happens many times that SMTP server fail to connect with the server of recipients then, emails wait in the queue and the outgoing mail server tried to deliver the message by establishing the connection on regular intervals. If the emails are left undelivered for five days or so, emails return to the original sender marked as undelivered.

Here is how SMTP server functions

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• After typing the message and hitting the send option, mail client connects with SMTP on port 25

• Email addresses of recipients and sender are provided to SMTP, which then check the email content for spamming

• Email addresses of recipients are broken into recipients name and domain name. If the domain is same, POP3 server delivers the emails. In case of different domain name, SMTP converses with respective domain

• Then, SMTP collects IP address of recipient’s SMTP server from DNS

• Outgoing SMTP server tries to establish connection with the SMTP server on recipient on port 25

When the domain name of sender is recognised, SMTP delivers the message to POP3 server which ultimately delivers the message to recipient’s inbox.

SMTP server helps maintain a positive reputation of IP and tries to keep the IP address white-listed. So, it’s essential to connect with a reliable and trustworthy SMTP provider.

SMTP Packages will fit to your need and Pocket

SMTP provider is the best solution to all your emailing needs be it for business or personal purposes. It is an affordable solution to all your problems. They strive to make online communication easier for you by sending millions of mails. Their service lies in offering a dedicated SMTP server and multiple IP addresses which are introduced to the business for the first time. Some of their features are bulk email delivery, sending transactional emails, maintaining positive IP reputation, avoiding junk delivery, reporting and tracking client’s feedback, and using advanced technology.

On SMTP provider you can send mail from all across the world. They ensure an effective and smooth delivery of your mail to your recipient’s inbox. A wide range of subscription choice is provided by them catering to various clients’ needs. One can easily find a subscription matching his requirement. You will experience the best service at an affordable price with SMTP provider packages by your side.

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Various plans of SMTP are as follows:

Plan 1 – It is actually a trial pack for the first time users and completely free. It is valid for one month. You can send mails to a maximum number of 100 people under this plan.

Plan 2 – You can buy this plan for 2$ and send mails to a maximum number of 1000 people at a time. This is generally used by small marketers.

Plan 3 – this plan costs 5 $ only and you can enjoy a smooth mailing to 4000 people in one go.

Plan 4 – You will get this plan by paying 10 $ and use SMTP server to email 10000 clients at once.

Plan 5 – You will be required to pay 20 $ to reach 25000 clients. All you need to do is buy this plan and enjoy emailing.

Plan 6 – This plan will cost you 30 $ to send mails to a maximum number of 50000 customers.

Plan 7 – You will be able to reach to 100000 clients if you buy this 50 $ plan pack.

Plan 8 – If you are ready to invest 80 $ you can reach up to 150000 clients.

Plan 9 – This plan will cost you 150 $ to communicate with 300000 clients.

Plan 10 – A maximum of 500000 clients can be reached by just spending 250 $.

Plan 11 – If you are a big organization having clients all around the world then this plan is good for you. It costs you 300 $ to communicate with 750000 clients.

Plan 12 – Similar to the previous plan this plan this plan is for big organizations and you can use any of these plans according to the number of your clients. You can buy this plan for 400 $ only to reach up to 1 million clients.

Thus, SMTP provider brings you many options to choose from. You are free to choose any plan according to the size of your business and number of clients.