Why SMTP is said to be the Best Email Software Solution?

Email marketing strategies these days have an advantage over other typical form of marketing. Most businesses have started to comply with this marketing technique and tasted the fruit of success. When you notice that the entire world spend half of time online, it becomes all the more important to shift the focus on online means of business promotion and marketing. If followed email marketing, you will not fail to observe resounding growth in your business endeavours. Email marketing is indeed the best marketing tool in the online marketing sector.

If given the attentions to the detail and carried out brilliantly, email marketing can be extremely cost efficient and bring positive results in less time.

Image Source: mzl.la/lpz8De

Image Source: mzl.la/lpz8De

In the traditional marketing ways, in spite of printing templates and use different media channels for advertisement, marketers are unsure of the results because of lack of knowledge about how to measure marketing campaign. The best way to make sure that your marketing campaign is successful and yielding positive results, you have to use good software.

Most Reliable Software

Every marketer wants that the emails sent by them are delivered to the recipients effectively and in quick time. Using dependable software to ensure effective email delivery is the most appropriate decision to make. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP is considered the most reliable email software in the world of business and commerce. SMTP is said to be the best email marketing software solution available in the market, at present. There are numerous benefits of configuring this mail server for the purpose of email marketing. But, to avail of each and every benefit, one must look out for a reliable SMTP email provider in the market.

Send Bulk Emails Smoothly

Email marketing campaigns are mostly about sending bulk emails to the targeted audience all at once. So, when it comes to maintaining the smooth flow of bulk emails, SMTP services are said to be the best. SMTP ensures that bulk emails are being delivered to the recipients all across the world without holding up your work thus making your task much easier.

Deliver the Emails Directly to the Recipients’ Inbox

SMTP services are responsible for the delivery of every single mail to the recipients’ inbox. Sent mails generally do not get blocked or labelled as spam or junk because of the dedicated and reputed services of SMTP server. Additionally, quick and on-time delivery increases the chance of mails being opened and viewed. One should understand that emails in the inbox are most likely to be read whereas spam mails are deleted instantly.

Track and View Status of Sent Mails

Until the mails are not delivered to the inbox of intended recipients, your job as email marketer is not over. One must check out every single sent mail to ensure whether they have got delivered to their destination or not. SMTP mail server allows you to check status and track status of sent emails. So, marketers can know whether the emails sent by them have reached, deferred, are waiting in the queue or have bounced back. Again, SMTP makes it possible to find out the click through rates of your emails.

In nutshell, SMTP mail server provides outstanding support to your email marketing campaign and helps bolster your business marketing activities.


Top-class features of SMTP to help you in email marketing endeavours

Email marketing, the most popular marketing method that introduces high traffic and growth to the online business endeavors. Most of the online marketers these days prefer it over other traditional marketing ways. There are some good reasons for it to gain a huge popularity on the web platform.

If email marketing performed and followed religiously, it promises of a huge growth to the marketing campaigns. In contrast to the traditional forms of marketing, a lot of time and money can be saved through email marketing campaign.

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The traditional forms of marketing take longer time to make an impact on the businesses while benefits can be accrued in little time with the help of email marketing campaign.

Role of Outgoing Mail Server in Email Marketing

Most of the marketers prefer to email their clients after finishing off the work of the day. They have to send emails to a large clientele and if anything goes wrong, marketing campaign can get ruined.

One needs an effective outgoing mail server for continuous and trouble free emailing experiences. Besides, a reliable outgoing mail server helps in easy flow of bulk emails. Such outgoing mail server also helps in maintaining the reputation of IP address.


SMTP is one reliable and trustworthy mail server that benefits the email marketers in many ways. There are various features of this server to help the email marketers in long as well as short run.

Take a look at some of the most valuable features of SMTP

Bulk Email Delivery : Being an email marketer, you will always need to get in touch with a large mass of clients. While other servers falter in sending a huge number of emails to different Ids in one go, SMTP mail server proves effective and efficient in this regard. This server enables technology and expertise to maintain a positive and strong reputation of IP address, which ultimately makes the difference while sending bulk emails.

Transactional Email Delivery : Delivery-time restricted and crucial business applications are oftentimes attached with important business information. Here again, a positive IP reputation plays an important part in delivery of such emails. SMTP mail server employs active reputation management of IP to maintain a positive and effective IP reputation. Sender authentication programs, string delivery reporting and security delivery infrastructure are the additional features to ensure top class performance.

Dedicated Mail Server: Oftentimes, emails on the shared path or network encounter problems in the delivery process. Email marketers need a dedicated mail server for emailing at ease and with effectiveness. SMTP mail server provides a dedicated mail server to each and every premium user.

These are some of the top-class features of SMTP mail server to help you in the email marketing endeavours.