Opportunities to Play with Intel-Powered Devices at the Pop-Up stores

Image Credit: bit.ly/1ewpbA4

                        Image Credit: bit.ly/1ewpbA4

The largest manufacturer of computer semiconductors in the world, Intel Corp is trying to enter the retail market. The company is going to open its first of three pop-up stores in Manhattan on Saturday, November 23.

Typically, Intel does not sell products directly to customers but manufactures chips for tablets and laptops sold in the market. Intel’s planned pop-up stores are primarily to display the products using its chips and processors. Various Intel-powered laptops and tablets will be put on display for visitors to try out and buy from the added link, BestBuy.com, on the products.

As the sales figure of smart-phones soars, Intel is struggling with downfall in the PC sales. With the smart-phones becoming new personal computers, promoting sales of Intel-powered devices, including PCs, is crucial for the company. The company expects sales to be flat next year, at $52.6 billion, which is lower than the forecasts from the analysts. In order to increase revenues, Intel will use its factories for production of chips for other companies.

Opportunities to Have Fun

The message that Intel’s pop-up stores will spread is of the virtues possessed by Intel-powered devices. Intel products are something that people want to spend some time with, while having coffee in the morning or watching a football game or live music in evening.

Image Credit: bit.ly/1g5hWRJ

                           Image Credit: bit.ly/1g5hWRJ

During a tour of the New York pop-up store on the Mott Street in the Nolita area in lower Manhattan, the General Manager of Intel, Sean Ludick Said, “We want people to come and have some fun; we want to give people a way to understand the type of technology we have to offer.” (Source: goo.gl/166axg)

If you want to take a laptop or tablet home and play with it for 24 hours, you will have to provide a credit card number.

There is a moveable wall in the store to all the company to redesign the space all through the day. The space becomes a cozy coffee shop with pastries and beverages by Nolita restaurants in the morning and an event space in evening. The blue lights in the store offers the place a a cool blue glow in the blue hue, in the form of Intel logo.

Intel has tried everything in its might to attract the local community into the pop-up stores. There is a space for inventors to work in the afternoon on the projects in store windows whereas kids can do their homework or play with tablets on the tables.

Similar to the design of store in trendy and affluent Nolita neighborhood, Intel will come up with pop-ups in Venice, California and Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. The stores are trying to bring in the local businesses to supply food and also planning for goodies to first visitors and aids to the local schools.

Intel’s pop-up store opening in Nolita neighborhood comes exactly a week after Google launched its pop-up “Winter Wonderlab” stores in five malls that also include Westfield Garden State Plaza in Paramus. Similar to the Google pop-ups, Intel stores will stay open till January.

After the success of Apple’s retail stores, other big companies are also trying their hand in retail sector. With the entry of Intel into the field, the competition is going to be tough.