2 Effective Tricks To Make Your Email Marketing Successful

Effective Email Marketing

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Email marketing has certainly become a boon for all e-Commerce businesses as it allows them to reach a vast number of customers and target audience instantly. Both big and small companies equally use emails to deliver their messages to their clients. These emails can vary from being introductory emails, welcome emails, discount vouchers, promotional offers to abandoned cart reminders etc. Here we are going to take a look at the 2 most important aspects of email marketing and talk about what is the significance of frequency and timing for emails. Read on…

Importance of frequency

Frequency of Email Marketing

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The number of emails you send to the inbox of your recipients is especially important while implementing your email marketing campaign. According to a recent survey, around 83 per cent of customers reported they would like to receive less than 2 emails each week. It was found that about 1.72 emails each week per organization was the average.

Ecommerce sends maximum email

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On the other hand, e-Commerce businesses tend to send excessive emails to their recipients and that also very frequently. Studies observed that e-Commerce businesses send 4 to 8 emails each week on average to per customer. It was also found that some organizations send a massive 40 emails per week. In the United States, some businesses deliver around 10 emails per customer per week. I believe this amount is much more than what your recipients want or expect. Hence, this can actually result in your emails getting marked as Spam. Hence, you need to determine beforehand how many emails you need to send to your customers to boost your business and avoid getting spammed.

Importance of timing of emails

Importance of timing of emails

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When you want to implement an effective email marketing campaign, you need to focus on the time of sending your emails along with the frequency. Each and every customer is a different individual and is unique from the other. Each of your clients have their own specific schedules for working, sleeping, shopping and for even reading their emails. Sending an email at the wrong time is like knocking your client’s door when they are not home.

What is the point of developing an email with adequate time and effort and let it get ignored by your customer simply because of bad timing? If you send emails when your recipients will not check their email, then it will get ignored. Conversely, if the emails reach your recipients when they are prone to read it, then your probability of encouraging them to buy your product will boost exponentially.

What is the best time?

Emailing at best time

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As some people read their emails in the morning, while other read them later in the evening, it is essential for e-Commerce businesses to understand what is the best time to send emails to each customer. Around 63 per cent of all stores in United States deliver emails between the time 11pm and 7am, without thinking which customers are awake, which customers are sleeping and which recipients are early risers. In the Middle East, around 32 per cent of businesses deliver between 3pm and 7pm, while in Southeast Asia, about 29 per cent of companies send emails between 7am and 11am. Most of these businesses barely consider what times will be convenient for their customers. As a result, their emails go unnoticed and covered by newer emails. Hence, these usually get deleted without even being read.

Right time to send emails for email marketing

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The what time should you send your emails? You need to consider 3 essential factors when determining the best time for sending emails –

  • The time of a day when your customers will check their inbox .
  • The time of a day when your customers usually visits your online store.
  • The day of a week as well as the week of a month when your customer tend to purchase from the online store.
  • Make sure send less emails.
  • Identify which emails are effective for which recipients.
bulk Emailing

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So now you have a better idea about the frequency of your emails and what time you should send them to get the desired response from your recipients. Work smarter, craft your emails in an enhanced way and use the above tips to make your email campaigns successful.

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SMTP Server: Trustworthy & Sure Way of Delivering Bulk Mail

Emailing, these days, is considered to be one of the best modes of communication in the world of business and commerce. As the traditional postal service, also referred to as snail mail, is extremely slow, it cannot be used in today’s world. Emails are the quickest yet most cost effective way of communication.

Businesses usually use emails most for marketing purposes as email marketing is one of the most effective tools of online marketing. Now, mails that are sent in an email marketing campaign are sent in bulk. However, not every mail server can send bulk mails. Bulk mails are less time consuming and therefore, brilliant when it comes to sending out messages like promotional content or newsletters to an entire client base all at once.

Best way to send mails in bulk

Image Source: bit.ly/1jTva43

Image Source: bit.ly/1jTva43

To send bulk mails, to make your email marketing campaign work, you first need to create good, precise and attractive content. But that’s not all; you also need good software to send these mails in mass.

One of the best software that is used to send emails in bulk is the SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol server. The SMTP server helps send a huge lot of emails smoothly without interrupting the flow of work. A good SMTP email service is trustworthy and delivers the emails directly to the recipient’s inbox. Good SMTP services also prevent spamming and increases the visibility of emails. As the mails reach the inbox directly instead of junk mail, recipients are bound to view the mails.

Advantages of SMTP that make it the best bet

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Image Source: bit.ly/1l6iQQP

SMTP mail services provide many advantages that make it the best option to send bulk mail. With SMTP servers you can track your mails till they reach the recipient. This means, you can actually find out whether or not your mails have been delivered or not. The service also informs you whether the mails are in queue or have been deferred if not delivered. Also, the service helps you find out how the recipients react to your email and how many click on links provided in the email. This feature helps you figure out how successful your campaign was.

SMTP providers also offer dedicated IP addresses in case you don’t want to share it with anyone else. With dedicated IPs only you will use it, therefore, the chances of being blacklisted of spamming will be next to nothing

Setting up SMTP is also very easy and hassle free. So, if your business requires you to send mail in bulk, it is best to resort to SMTP servers.

SMTP has Made Emailing a Fun Experience

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Emailing is no doubt the best communication tool for human kind today. Whether you are a businessperson or a student, emails are used by one and all. If business persons can make use of this communication tool for dispatching promotional newsletters to subscribers, students can get in touch with their tutors and fellow mates with the help of emails. In many ways, emails have brought the people closer.

Using email for personal and professional works can make the whole communication process much easier, faster and flexible.

Who can use Email?

According to the stats, a large number of people, around the world, consider email as the primary mode of communication. It is not only advantageous for businesses but has empowered people from all walks of life. Emailing has become the symbol of modernisation and can be used by people to stay connected with their near and dear ones as well as acquaintances, living far off.

The Biggest Challenge for Email Users

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Though emails are used everywhere but businesses are among the most benefitted lot, especially in online market. The biggest challenge for online businesses is to maintain the smooth flow of emails that are sent in bulk. As not every email server promises hassle free bulk email delivery, sending mass emails have surfaced as one of the biggest challenges for online marketers. Other constraints include maintenance of IP, customer support, compatibility with email applications, reputation management, among others.

What is the Solution?

If emailing is done effectively and smoothly, huge benefits are in store for online marketers. To make the entire emailing process easier, you can think of outsourcing the SMTP relay service from any reliable and reputed SMTP service provider. This server is supposed to give you an “out of the world” experience while sending bulk emails.

Highlight of SMTP Services

Supports Email Applications – SMTP is compatible with almost every email application, such as Send Blaster, Mac Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Interspire, Mail Evolution, etc.

Superior Web Mailer – To make the emailing a smooth experience, SMTP offers easy and advanced web mailing services to clients. With the help of web mailer, clients can manage their subscriber list and connect to them with complete ease.

Dedicated IP Service –
Clients can now ask for the dedicated server to make sure that their IP address remains unadulterated. Additionally, cloud computing technology assures of smooth email delivery.

Reputation Building –
Reputation of online marketer makes a huge difference in success and failure of businesses. SMTP server manages your IP to strengthen your reputation in online market.

Expert Support – The reliable SMTP provider offers expert support, round the clock.

Hence, you see how SMTP relay service helps you manage your email campaign. There are several other benefits that you can experience after outsourcing the services from a trustworthy and experienced service provider.