2 Effective Tricks To Make Your Email Marketing Successful

Effective Email Marketing

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Email marketing has certainly become a boon for all e-Commerce businesses as it allows them to reach a vast number of customers and target audience instantly. Both big and small companies equally use emails to deliver their messages to their clients. These emails can vary from being introductory emails, welcome emails, discount vouchers, promotional offers to abandoned cart reminders etc. Here we are going to take a look at the 2 most important aspects of email marketing and talk about what is the significance of frequency and timing for emails. Read on…

Importance of frequency

Frequency of Email Marketing

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The number of emails you send to the inbox of your recipients is especially important while implementing your email marketing campaign. According to a recent survey, around 83 per cent of customers reported they would like to receive less than 2 emails each week. It was found that about 1.72 emails each week per organization was the average.

Ecommerce sends maximum email

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On the other hand, e-Commerce businesses tend to send excessive emails to their recipients and that also very frequently. Studies observed that e-Commerce businesses send 4 to 8 emails each week on average to per customer. It was also found that some organizations send a massive 40 emails per week. In the United States, some businesses deliver around 10 emails per customer per week. I believe this amount is much more than what your recipients want or expect. Hence, this can actually result in your emails getting marked as Spam. Hence, you need to determine beforehand how many emails you need to send to your customers to boost your business and avoid getting spammed.

Importance of timing of emails

Importance of timing of emails

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When you want to implement an effective email marketing campaign, you need to focus on the time of sending your emails along with the frequency. Each and every customer is a different individual and is unique from the other. Each of your clients have their own specific schedules for working, sleeping, shopping and for even reading their emails. Sending an email at the wrong time is like knocking your client’s door when they are not home.

What is the point of developing an email with adequate time and effort and let it get ignored by your customer simply because of bad timing? If you send emails when your recipients will not check their email, then it will get ignored. Conversely, if the emails reach your recipients when they are prone to read it, then your probability of encouraging them to buy your product will boost exponentially.

What is the best time?

Emailing at best time

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As some people read their emails in the morning, while other read them later in the evening, it is essential for e-Commerce businesses to understand what is the best time to send emails to each customer. Around 63 per cent of all stores in United States deliver emails between the time 11pm and 7am, without thinking which customers are awake, which customers are sleeping and which recipients are early risers. In the Middle East, around 32 per cent of businesses deliver between 3pm and 7pm, while in Southeast Asia, about 29 per cent of companies send emails between 7am and 11am. Most of these businesses barely consider what times will be convenient for their customers. As a result, their emails go unnoticed and covered by newer emails. Hence, these usually get deleted without even being read.

Right time to send emails for email marketing

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The what time should you send your emails? You need to consider 3 essential factors when determining the best time for sending emails –

  • The time of a day when your customers will check their inbox .
  • The time of a day when your customers usually visits your online store.
  • The day of a week as well as the week of a month when your customer tend to purchase from the online store.
  • Make sure send less emails.
  • Identify which emails are effective for which recipients.
bulk Emailing

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So now you have a better idea about the frequency of your emails and what time you should send them to get the desired response from your recipients. Work smarter, craft your emails in an enhanced way and use the above tips to make your email campaigns successful.

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Ecommerce Sites enhanced for Mobile and Tablet Users!

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Image Source: goo.gl/Du9nCW

In recent times, with the advent of smart phones and tablets, the world can access the internet 24/7 from anywhere they want and not through a heavy laptop but through a lightweight phone, which is the size of your palm or a tablet which is sleek and as light as a book. With these devices and a mobile net connection, the internet has become extremely accessible to any individual who owns similar devices.

As the net surfing has become so easy, you can also visit a few website, read eBooks and even download music while walking back from work, sunbathing on the beach and even during lunch hour at work. Therefore, a person with any one of these devices is equipped with the power of the internet anytime they need it. So, if you have to buy movie tickets, make dinner reservations or even shop, you can do it from your Smartphone or tablet.

If you have forgotten to buy something you require from a shop or if you don’t have time to go to a shop, you can finish your shopping online. E-commerce these days is thriving thanks to technology and accessibility of the internet. However, e-commerce sites must be aware of the fact that these days, people visit their sites from various devices not just desktops or laptops. Therefore, to enhance their business, they must design their sites in such a way that people can view it on any kind of screen, regardless of the size. Here are a few points they can keep in mind to help their business do better:

Know who your customer is

Image Source: goo.gl/dWQsxt

Image Source: goo.gl/dWQsxt

Before you make your products accessible to mobile phone users, take the help of Google Analytics to find out where your customers are from, how they found your mobile site, what devices they use and what they search for on your site. If you get all these details you will be able to design your site in such a way, that majority of the people will be able to access your website and purchase products from any device like laptops, smart phones or tablets.

People should be able to scan your homepage with ease

You must keep in mind the size of the screen of the mobile phones and tablets. Your site should be designed in such a way that it can be easily viewed on screens of all sizes. The graphics should be less but the content clear and bold. The category of products or services should be emphasized the most as that is the most important part.

Make shopping easier for mobile users

Image Source: goo.gl/4g4DBJ

Image Source: goo.gl/4g4DBJ

Mobile shoppers usually make emergency or impulsive purchases as this is the most convenient option to buy something they require urgently or something they have forgotten to purchase. Therefore, just for mobile users make sure the steps leading to check out are few and simple.

These are some of the ways in which e-commerce sites can be made better for mobile or tablet users.