Apple’s iPhone 5 Replacement Programme to go Viral by May 2, 2014

iPhoneOwing an iPhone 5 is indeed a matter of pride for all smartphone lovers. But what if it starts creating tantrums especially with its sleep/wake button? What if you find one of its buttons not functioning with consistency? Well, Apple doesn’t hold such a reputation since its worldwide appeal has been brilliant. However, if you are one of the iPhone 5 users and have come across a faulty sleep button, there is nothing to get disappointed.

A small percentage of iPhone 5 brings faulty sleep buttons, declares Apple

Apple itself has made it clear that a major percentage of iPhone 5 devices have been found with defective sleep buttons that could either stop functioning or work at times. In such circumstances, the iPhone 5 users instead of panicking can simply get a replacement. So, the question now is how to go for it?

A replacement program has been launched by Apple in regard to all those defective models manufactured throughout the month of March in 2013. Even if one malfunctioning device stands out of warranty, he/she would have to visit Apple’s website where the serial number of the device has to be inserted. Once done, it will be shown whether the user qualifies for a new one or not.

In case your device qualifies, you will be given two options by Apple:

– You can either send your phone through the mail, or
– Take your phone to an authorized Apple service provider

Now, if your phone acquires the eligibility, it will be shipped to one of the repairing centers where it will take just 4 to 6 days to get repaired. On the other hand, if you feel that you must get a phone, the Cupertino company will provide you a 16GB iPhone 5.

An Apple replacement program to go global by 2nd May

According to one of MacRumors’ writers, Apple will be issuing a refund to all those customers who had already paid for a defective sleep button as replacement. This grand programme will be telecast live today in Canada and the U.S and would thereafter expand to other countries within 2nd May, 2014.

Well, if your iPhone is still fine and you haven’t come across any problem as such, you can stay relaxed. The replacement offer will be extending to 2 years from the original date of your first purchase. In other words, there is still a lot of time for you, say an entire year to resolve the issue and get it fixed without paying a single penny.

With this initiative from Apple, it can be said that how professional yet caring it has been to its precious customers, and still they are maintaining the tradition. Probably, this is a big reason why Apple today is counted in the list of the world’s topmost brands in digital technology.

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SMTP Server: Trustworthy & Sure Way of Delivering Bulk Mail

Emailing, these days, is considered to be one of the best modes of communication in the world of business and commerce. As the traditional postal service, also referred to as snail mail, is extremely slow, it cannot be used in today’s world. Emails are the quickest yet most cost effective way of communication.

Businesses usually use emails most for marketing purposes as email marketing is one of the most effective tools of online marketing. Now, mails that are sent in an email marketing campaign are sent in bulk. However, not every mail server can send bulk mails. Bulk mails are less time consuming and therefore, brilliant when it comes to sending out messages like promotional content or newsletters to an entire client base all at once.

Best way to send mails in bulk

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To send bulk mails, to make your email marketing campaign work, you first need to create good, precise and attractive content. But that’s not all; you also need good software to send these mails in mass.

One of the best software that is used to send emails in bulk is the SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol server. The SMTP server helps send a huge lot of emails smoothly without interrupting the flow of work. A good SMTP email service is trustworthy and delivers the emails directly to the recipient’s inbox. Good SMTP services also prevent spamming and increases the visibility of emails. As the mails reach the inbox directly instead of junk mail, recipients are bound to view the mails.

Advantages of SMTP that make it the best bet

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SMTP mail services provide many advantages that make it the best option to send bulk mail. With SMTP servers you can track your mails till they reach the recipient. This means, you can actually find out whether or not your mails have been delivered or not. The service also informs you whether the mails are in queue or have been deferred if not delivered. Also, the service helps you find out how the recipients react to your email and how many click on links provided in the email. This feature helps you figure out how successful your campaign was.

SMTP providers also offer dedicated IP addresses in case you don’t want to share it with anyone else. With dedicated IPs only you will use it, therefore, the chances of being blacklisted of spamming will be next to nothing

Setting up SMTP is also very easy and hassle free. So, if your business requires you to send mail in bulk, it is best to resort to SMTP servers.

Technology helping to solve Irrigation Problems

A few years ago when people were not all that dependent on technology, many would laugh if you told them, that you buy products online or read e-books. However, these days, those very people are so hooked on to technology, that even they avail of the convenience that technology provides. So, there is no denying the fact that technology these days is making life simple for us.

Technology is also making a lot of things possible, that we couldn’t even imagine. For example a decade and a half ago, a drought would be treated as a national crisis and coming out of that condition would take a lot of time. Men would have to labor, manually, for hours, to extract water which would be sufficient enough to meet farming needs. But these days, a drought or a tough water condition can be addressed much more easily.

Water Conditions in California- Fixable?

A drought is still a huge matter of concern to the people of the nation but with technology on their side, the problem isn’t so big that it can’t be solved. First off, with the advent of advanced machines, manual labor has lessened making jobs like extracting water, a lot easier.

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There is ample water beneath the surface of barren land to meet the water shortage. However, the water is so polluted that without purification, it can be used for crops. Therefore, farmers, who initially received water for their crops, now have to buy it at a high cost. This results food prices shooting up. Hence, it is not a viable option.

However, companies are trying to use technology to fix the situation and if all goes well, the water shortage can be ‘fixed’.

How is Technology Helping?

In wheat fields in California, a huge solar receiver has been installed that capture solar energy. The receiver then uses this energy to create heat that helps in desalinization of water, instead of generating electricity.

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This is a just one division of a project by WaterFX, a start-up based in San Francisco that taps contaminated water from below the surface to irrigate dry land. The solar thermal desalinization plant, worth 1 million dollars, helps in purifying the tapped water at practically half of the cost it takes to desalinize water, traditionally. The solar receiver purifies water and reuses excess energy through a chemical process rather than using equipments run by electricity. This means that the receiver is saving energy and hence cutting costs.

This way, technology, slowly, can solve a lot of water crises in lands that are drought stricken and have less to no means to afford fresh water for crops. Water cleaning technology is therefore a boon to farmers and on further development will prove to be the perfect solution to irrigation problems.

An Android Homescreen that will suggest Apps we need

In the age of technology, when people obsess over smartphones and other ‘smart’ devices like tablets, online applications have become extremely popular amongst the tech savvy. However, many tend to download apps because of a ‘rage’ instead of a ‘need’. Just because a particular app is popular with people around the world, you feel a necessity of having on your phone as well, even though you don’t need it. There are plenty of such apps that you have downloaded but don’t use and there are many such apps that you need but aren’t aware of.

The Firefox Launcher

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Mozilla has taken an initiative, to help you find new apps that you might require and rediscover apps that you already have downloaded on your device through the new Firefox Launcher. The Firefox Launcher is a homescreen replacement for android phones and tablets. The Firefox Launcher that is powered by EverythingMe, an Israeli contextual computing start up, will be ready for download in a few weeks.

“These Firefox Launcher features are the major components of EverythingMe’s eponymous contextual homescreen replacement that just came out of beta yesterday. Mozilla previously tapped the 60-person, $35.5 million-backed EverythingMe to bring contextual experiences to Firefox OS, its new mobile operating system.” (Source:

How it Helps

This Android homescreen will help you from overloading your device with apps that you do not require, and introducing and suggesting apps that you might be interested in, and might require on a day-to-day basis. The smart search will show you the apps that you might want to download, or the ones that are related to your everyday search and activity on the internet and even some that are similar to the apps that you have already downloaded. This way, you can keep track of apps that exist on your phone and apps that you need.

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A demo of the launcher was shown in the InContext Conference in the city of San Francisco and gave a few extra examples of information that is still not available on the Mozilla blog. The Android homescreen knows whether it’s morning, noon or afternoon and suggests apps for different times of the day. The suggestions shown rely on geolocation, signals, apps used by people like you and apps used in the past.

The Firefox Launcher also provides content cards that give you information on things you want to know, like if you type ‘tech’ or ‘news’, various cards will come up containing top news in those categories. This android homescreen is all set to become the new rage, but a helpful one.

How Cloud SMTP Service Benefits Online Businesses?

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The ever evolving world of technology has seen some remarkable innovations in recent times; cloud computing technology is one such. Owing to this latest development in the computing world, sending emails has become a lot easier and faster. On the other hand, hosting services have been in existence for a long time and are no less popular among the online marketers.

Basic Hosting Services

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Usually, there are two primary options for hosting: shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is cheaper, as servers are shared between the clients of hosting provider. It means that if you own a website and work on shared hosting, your website will be hosted on the same server as of others. Email marketers too face lots of problems, if they depend on the shared hosting servers.

On the other hand, dedicated server is highly advanced form of hosting, as clients purchase complete physical servers with no other clients sharing it. Dedicated SMTP servers provide full control over hosting services. However, there are some limitations in the context of dedicated servers. You need to calculate the required capacity beforehand. If you underestimate the capacity, you may have to cope with the lack of required resources, whereas overestimating can lead to unnecessary charges.

What is Cloud Server?

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Cloud servers, in some respects, work similarly as the physical servers but the main difference lies with the functions of these servers. If you decide to go for cloud hosting, you are renting virtual server space on the place of purchasing or renting physical servers. These servers are generally paid according to hourly usages. Nowadays, some SMTP service providers have started offering cloud SMTP service to their clients.

How Cloud Servers are different from Dedicated Servers?

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Dissimilar to dedicated servers, cloud SMTP service runs on a hypervisor. The main role of hypervisor is to keep the capacity of operating systems under check. The cloud hosting services provide multiple servers to each particular client so that computing resources could be dedicated to a particular client in case the necessity arises. Cloud servers also offer redundancy so that if one server fails, others take over its functions.

Key Benefits of Cloud Servers

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Scalability and Flexibility With the help of cloud SMTP server, users can access extra resources as and when they require it.

Cost Effective Most bulk email servers charge hefty sum of money on the pretext of offering highly valuable services but, in the contrast, cloud SMTP server charges clients only for what they use at a particular time.

Easy to Set Up It is extremely easy to set up cloud servers in your device, as it does not require much initial setup.

Reliability As there are number of SMTP servers available to resolve the problems, users remain unaffected even if some cloud SMTP service encounter certain kind of problems.

So, if you are looking for success in your online business endeavours, make sure to avail of services of cloud SMTP servers.

Technological Innovations that make Life Convenient

In present times, people always want to keep up with the latest technologies that are driving the world today, making life simpler for people. Here are a few examples of the latest inventions that have struck us as interesting and extremely convenient.

Audi’s Android Tab

Audi has introduced a new tab to market that will allow drivers to control a few fundamental functions of the car. This touchscreen device allows the passengers to get access to around 950,000 movies and apps. This device display is not just 10.2 inches in size but also full-HD. It is motorized by ‘Nvidia’s Tegra 40 chip’ and can be used by passengers seated in the front of the car and at the back. The device allows one to control not only the car’s radio but also the infotainment. On the device’s sat-nav one can set the destinations and this ‘magic’ device also displays important information related to the car.

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The Smart Device mixes or connects to car’s system using Wi-Fi and enables passengers to run the radio. This also enables the passengers to use the internet through car’s inbuilt LTE connections. The device not only gives the passenger access to Google Play but offers a plethora of various types of apps for Android. This device has various other marvelous features that will keep you spellbound. It is to be sold only with the latest Audi vehicles.

Google Play Movies & TV iOS App

With this application iPad, iPhone and iPod owners can now get access to their favorite movies from a TV store. This app is beneficial mostly to those who have recently switched to Apple devices from Android. This means that, if you have bought or rented a movie or show on your Android device, you will be able to view it on your Apple device. The app does not allow you to buy or rent movies and shows on your Apple device. This means that you have to purchase or rent your movies and shows on your Android device or computer and they will automatically pop up on your Apple device. This app only streams on Wi-Fi (not 3G or 4G) therefore, you cannot download anything either. This app is definitely a fantastic innovation for people who have just switched to Apple gadgets.

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These two latest innovations are definitely here to stay and are already making waves in the technology world.

Microsoft and Google has Announced New Updates for Users

Microsoft re-released the firmware update for Surface Pro 2, after the initial release in December proved to be extremely buggy.

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According to the company, some users had reported failed installation and battery issues after successfully installing the update. After listening to such reports, company immediately pulled down the update from website and released the statement, which reads, “To ensure the best experience for our customers during the holiday season, we have taken steps to remove the update for Surface Pro 2 that was previously published through Windows Update on December 10th, 2013. We are working to release an alternative update package after the holidays.”

The new update for Surface Pro 2 has replaced the old one, in spite of whether the users installed the previous update. Though Microsoft has not provided any information on its updates page for the Surface Pro 2, after the December update, but some tech websites report this after confirming that update started rolling out a few days ago, with various owners.

It is hoped that Surface Pro 2 users can now update their tablet and resolve the issues with last update.

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In the meantime, Google has rolled out a new user interface to Chrome Windows users along with a boisterous feature that tracks the tabs. The company, in fact, had started hinting about the Chrome OS-like update for Windows 8 back in October month only. The Metro mode converts Chrome for Windows 8 into Chrome OS. Similar to the full Chrome OS of Google, the multiple browser windows can be created and arranged with use of a snap to right or left of the display. There is shelf featuring the icons of Google services, such as Chrome, Gmail, Google, Docs and YouTube. These icons can be arranged at the left, right, or bottom of the screen, according to the convenience of users.

There is also an app launcher at the lower left-hand corner offering access to recent apps and search. It is designed to smoothly work with touch on Windows 8, something that was not yet focussed by the Chrome’s traditional desktop version. The Metro mode provided the keyboard automatically and is also able to navigate and resize windows just like the Chrome OS-like environment. Though some UI features require touch optimisation, but it is a nice experience than the present desktop version with touch.

More updates from big companies are expected in the near future.