Which One is Advantageous: Outsourced SMTP Service or SMTP Hosting Service?

Image Source: bit.ly/17glw4a

Image Source: bit.ly/17glw4a

If you are an online marketer and facing troubles in email delivery, outsourcing SMTP services can be very useful to you. SMTP server is known for its ability to facilitate smooth and fast email delivery. Moreover, this server keeps a track on all the sent emails and lets the marketers know whether emails were sent out correctly.

One must know that effective and reliable communication play an important role in the email marketing campaign. But, online marketers are still ignorant about the effectiveness and ability of reliable communication, which can do wonders in their business campaigns. Online business houses must have proper and consistent external as well as internal communication for the roaring success of their business endeavours.

If one has secured the services of SMTP server, they can ensure a smooth external and internal communication. This mail server provides lots of tools through which businesses can control and modify the communication settings according to own requirements. If the SMTP tools are used effectively, there are no reasons why your business will not produce positive results.

However, online marketers must look out for the best SMTP provider for the avail of best-quality services. Finding a trustworthy and efficient service provider is not a hassle, if you do thorough research in the market. Follow the below mentioned tips while you are looking out for a reliable SMTP hosting service:

Image Source: bit.ly/GI74eA

Image Source: bit.ly/GI74eA

• First of all, find out everything about the services on offer from the SMTP provider. Discuss your needs and concerns with the service providers prior to looking at their plans. Now, you can compare the services offered by different companies. Additionally, you also need to find out the price and value of services and support from the companies.

• It is good and beneficial to avail of services from the reputed and experienced service provider in the market. Go through customer reviews and collect enough information from the existing as well as previous customers. You can also contact business bureau for further information about the service provider. It is also advised to seek help from the online communities, which are there to solve out computing related issues.

Moreover, there are many business owners not sure about whether to host their own SMTP services or go for outsourced services. To tell you the truth, both kinds of services hold their importance in the corporate sector.

Most big business houses host their own SMTP services with their own infrastructure. On the other hand, small and medium size enterprises do not have enough capital and infrastructure facilities to host own SMTP services, outsourced or third party SMTP services can be quite useful to them.

Hence, whether small enterprise or a big business house, everybody needs to avail of SMTP services. So, research well before connecting with a SMTP service.


Outsource SMTP Services for Effective Email Communication

Effective and reliable communication is repeatedly ignored because of their virtual obscurity but its significance cannot be overlooked and overstated. If effective internal communication helps business unit to cooperate with each other, effectual external communication ensures the success of interaction with clients.

An effective SMTP service helps businesses gain control over their external as well as internal communication. Businesses can control and modify the settings according to respective needs and make use of tools to observe the success of communication plans.

Here are a few tips to help businesses to find out a reliable SMTP service provider for a right SMTP hosting

Image Source: bit.ly/17ufC0G

Image Source: bit.ly/17ufC0G

• It simple to ask SMTP providers about the services being offered by them. Businesses should discuss their needs and concerns for the future with prospective service providers. One can get to know about all the offered services and compare them with the services of other companies. Also, knowing about the value of each service and support being offered by service provider can prove to be useful in the long run.

• Businesses should always seek services from reliable and experienced SMTP provider. If you are considering certain service providers, the first and foremost thing to do is to read customer reviews about them. Previous and existing customers can give you a detailed version of the services offered by specific service provider. You can also contact business bureau on the search engines to know more about the service provider. There are some online communities helping you solve computing related issues and also offer customer reviews of SMTP providers. It is very simple to seek help in finding the right SMTP services from such places.

SMTP hosting or Outsourced SMTP service

Though SMTP hosting is the best available solution for small and medium sized business enterprises, some business ventures can also get benefitted by the third party SMTP services, which are also known as outsourced SMTP services. Businesses must not hesitate in looking for alternatives to the options which are being considered by them. They should always consider short as well as long term costs while comparing between outsourced SMTP service and in-house SMTP server. In the short run, in-house SMTP server can be less expensive than outsourced SMTP services but when considering for a long term, outsourced SMTP service proves to be useful as well as cost efficient than in-house SMTP server.

SMTP server is useful for small and medium-sized businesses. It is completely your choice whether you like to have in-house SMTP server or third party SMTP services.

SMTP Packages will fit to your need and Pocket

SMTP provider is the best solution to all your emailing needs be it for business or personal purposes. It is an affordable solution to all your problems. They strive to make online communication easier for you by sending millions of mails. Their service lies in offering a dedicated SMTP server and multiple IP addresses which are introduced to the business for the first time. Some of their features are bulk email delivery, sending transactional emails, maintaining positive IP reputation, avoiding junk delivery, reporting and tracking client’s feedback, and using advanced technology.

On SMTP provider you can send mail from all across the world. They ensure an effective and smooth delivery of your mail to your recipient’s inbox. A wide range of subscription choice is provided by them catering to various clients’ needs. One can easily find a subscription matching his requirement. You will experience the best service at an affordable price with SMTP provider packages by your side.

Image Source: bit.ly/1aWVYAx

Image Source: bit.ly/1aWVYAx

Various plans of SMTP are as follows:

Plan 1 – It is actually a trial pack for the first time users and completely free. It is valid for one month. You can send mails to a maximum number of 100 people under this plan.

Plan 2 – You can buy this plan for 2$ and send mails to a maximum number of 1000 people at a time. This is generally used by small marketers.

Plan 3 – this plan costs 5 $ only and you can enjoy a smooth mailing to 4000 people in one go.

Plan 4 – You will get this plan by paying 10 $ and use SMTP server to email 10000 clients at once.

Plan 5 – You will be required to pay 20 $ to reach 25000 clients. All you need to do is buy this plan and enjoy emailing.

Plan 6 – This plan will cost you 30 $ to send mails to a maximum number of 50000 customers.

Plan 7 – You will be able to reach to 100000 clients if you buy this 50 $ plan pack.

Plan 8 – If you are ready to invest 80 $ you can reach up to 150000 clients.

Plan 9 – This plan will cost you 150 $ to communicate with 300000 clients.

Plan 10 – A maximum of 500000 clients can be reached by just spending 250 $.

Plan 11 – If you are a big organization having clients all around the world then this plan is good for you. It costs you 300 $ to communicate with 750000 clients.

Plan 12 – Similar to the previous plan this plan this plan is for big organizations and you can use any of these plans according to the number of your clients. You can buy this plan for 400 $ only to reach up to 1 million clients.

Thus, SMTP provider brings you many options to choose from. You are free to choose any plan according to the size of your business and number of clients.

Why your business can’t survive without SMTP

With the kind of hype that has been surrounding social media marketing, it is almost easy to believe that e-mail marketing is a tool that has already become obsolete. But is that really true? Look around you carefully. Social media with help you generate the buzz and get a point or two across, but can it really replace e-mail? It can’t.

The electronic mail is a tried and tested, faithful tool of all marketers. It retains the same amount of importance and has the same, if not better effect. However, the rules of the game have changed a bit. It is easier to get classifies as spam, it is easier to get blacklisted and it is not that easy to cold call anymore – you actually need permission. But there are still plenty of benefits to reap from an e-mail marketing campaign, especially of you have a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server and service provider at your service.

Image Source: bit.ly/17ECnDH

                                             Image Source: bit.ly/17ECnDH

One of the first benefits is the ability to seamlessly send e-mails in bulk. Whether you are a small business that is just getting started or you are a big corporation with offices sprinkled across the world, you need to send a lot of e-mail, every single day. They may range between two thousand to two hundred thousand mails per day, but with an SMTP server it is no longer a problem.

Maintaining a mail server is both a hassle and a drain on the pocket, so why go into all that trouble? If you have a professional and reliable SMTP service provider, they use the technology behind cloud computing to take care of everything. Just sit back, relax, and let your Cloud SMTP do all the work.

Image Source: bit.ly/1cpQ5Hs

                                  Image Source: bit.ly/1cpQ5Hs

As mentioned earlier, today it is very easy to get sent into the deep abyss of the e-mail recipients spam folder. Your IP address is your reputation; don’t tarnish it. An SMTP service provider will warm up your IP address, include SPF and DKIM authentication, and in general keep your online reputation blemish free. After all, you don’t want your hard work to end up in the trash can, do you?

Now imagine that you’ve worked very hard on the e-mail content, sent it out at perfectly timed intervals and yet the response is lukewarm or less. You’d definitely want to know if anything went wrong in the whole process, wouldn’t you? If you have a professional SMTP service provider, they will provide you with detailed reports and analysis about the e-mails that you sent and about what happened on the way.

So remember not to pay too much attention to the hype. Do your social media marketing, but make sure that an e-mail campaign complements and takes advantage of the attention you garner elsewhere. And don’t forget to drop us a line about whether you agree or not, and why.

6 Reasons Why You Should Opt For SMTP Mail Server

image courtesy: goo.gl/fC4h

image courtesy: goo.gl/fC4h

If you are spending a large chunk of your budget on email marketing, you must review it wisely. You need to make sure that your email contains perfect content and graphics and reaches to the intended recipients effectively. For all of these, you should obviously go with the SMTP server.

Most new email marketers are unsure about their investments in the SMTP server. They have little or no idea about the changes this mail server can bring to the email marketing campaign. Here are a few advantages of using SMTP server for your email marketing campaign:

  • Keeping track of sent mails is high on the wish-list of online marketers. SMTP mail server provides you statistical analysis and reports of sent mails. The new email marketers need it the most, as they can know the feedbacks of clients. It also helps you to calculate the progress of your endeavours.
  • Sending email is bulk is easy with SMTP mail server. The volume and quantity of mails do not matter; you have the option to send millions of mail every single day. It’s easy to send newsletters, transactional emails and promotional mails in bulk quantity.
  • The online market is very much like a virtual world. For a better and effective marketing, a clean and positive reputation proves handy. The SMTP mail server helps you maintain a positive and strong reputation of your business. A marketing campaign can be termed successful only if the emails stay out of spam folder and delivered to the inbox every single time.
  • The SMTP server provider will offer you to choose from multiple plans. You have the choice to opt for a plan according to your budget and average number of emails that you need to send to your clients. The SMTP server provider will let you upgrade and downgrade the plans according to your future needs. As a whole, SMTP mail server can save enormous amount of money to you.
  • Operating worldwide has been made simpler with the SMTP mail server. Whether you are sitting comfortably on your couch or on the go, SMTP server helps you connect with global clients.
  • If the emails intercept each other on connected routes, they are either left undelivered or take time in the delivery process. The SMTP providers offer dedicated mail server to the clients. It helps in smooth and flawless email delivery and ensures that emails reach inboxes in appropriate time.
Image Courtesy: goo.gl/M0v4c

Image Courtesy: goo.gl/M0v4c

SMTP mail server, as a whole, is quite advantageous for the email marketers. If you have decided to go with it, success of your marketing campaign is guaranteed.