Give A Boost Your Email Marketing Campaign With Social Media

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Does your email marketing campaign require social media? Although several businesses are utilizing both email marketing and social media marketing, they are bypassing the significant benefits you can get by integrating both approaches. By integrating social media with your email marketing campaign you will be able to a find data and achieve results that you could merely dream about.

Do You Need To Be On Social Media? 

Let me answer your question by simply stating some facts-

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  • There are more than a billion users on Facebook

  • Twitter has around 200 million users and each user has an average of 200 followers

  • More than 200 million active users are on LinkedIn
  • More than 500 million messages are Tweeted every day

I hope that answers your question. The fact is you need to incorporate social media in your marketing strategy to make it more effective and expand your reach. Moreover, it can also prove valuable for your customer data. You will be able to gather in-depth information about your customers and will have easy access to their contacts and networks. With the right effort you can tap into these networks and convert them in to potential customers. How does that sound to you?

Here are some tips that will help you in to integrate social media into your email marketing campaign-

Give Social Media As Much Importance As Email

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The initial stage of incorporating social media is to collect information about your customers’ accounts. Make sure that you do not maintain separate contact lists for your emails and social campaigns. It is best to keep all details of each customer in a single database. When you connect with your customers through LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter, you will learn more about them which will lead to better relationships.

Connect With Audience Outside Your Database

Suppose one of your contacts never checks out any links in your emails but faithfully retweets all your updates. Although he is not a click-through statistic, he is more useful to you. To be honest, social media can significantly expand your audience base and reach that you can’t achieve through your email campaign.

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By getting retweets of your posts, you will be able to build your brand reputation. Think of this as having a marketing department that you will never have to pay. Integrating social media to your email marketing will enable you to go beyond your contacts and reach more audience.

Focus On The Bigger Conversation

This one is another solid reason for amalgamating social media with your customer data. You can allow you consumers to speak with you through direct response campaigns; but with social media you can actually listen to what your customers are saying about your products/services to others.

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By integrating social accounts with your customer database, you can find out trending topics and popular issues from the clump of comments on social networks. You can use this information to improve the content of your emails and blogs and even cater to issues related to your products/services.

Integrating Social Media Will Allow You To-

  • Identify your customers as an individual
  • Extend your reach to the contacts of your customers, along with your own
  • Learn what your consumers talk about you to each other
  • Offer a unified image to your target audience throughout all social media
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With the right efforts, you can smoothly incorporate social media with your marketing strategy and tap into the cascade of interested advocates, prospects and leads that you don’t even know. Now that is what social media integration can do for you.

Do you want to add your own ideas and tips to this discussion? Then simply comment below and let us know what you think.

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