Key Points to Remember for Encryption of your Email

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The data encryption program for computers was created a few years ago by an antinuclear activist, Phil Zimmermann. A key-generation and encryption and decryption system, known as PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) were designed by him for the bulletin board systems, which were the pioneer of email, forums and web.

The algorithmic scrambling of information played a key role in the development of internet over the years. Encryption in particular is one of the vital elements in the e-commerce and perhaps this is one of the key reasons why governments have pulled back their stance to direct this confidential communication method.

Everybody can choose to encrypt their emails. Some email service providers have adapted to the open source versions of original PGP that is called OpenPGP.

How It Works

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• A message is encrypted by PGP with the use of a symmetric encryption algorithm and symmetric key algorithms are secretly shared between the parties. However, it may not be secure because the key is known to both parties.

• The symmetric key is also called a session key and can be used only once. In turn, public key cryptology is used to encrypt it to protect it at the time of transmission.

• Public key, or asymmetric key, cryptology employs digital signatures and is based on mathematical formulas, which are apparently not possible to guess. It means that one cannot guess a private key from a public key, and vice versa.

• Different integrity checking and authentication are carried out by the use of digital signature, certificated designed by trust signatures and so on.

• You can try one of the commercial, or third party solutions out there in the market.


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A desktop solution provider of OpenPGP, Hushmail is a desktop solution provider of OpenPGP and uses a web browser interface without any disruptive advertising.

The Android and iOS OpenPGP solutions incorporate iPGMail for iOS and APG while Gnu Privacy Huard for Android.

So, if you have Hushmail, let’s learn about the process of encryption of your email on Hushmail.

• Go to signup page and feed your account and password. Keep in mind not to forget the password because you can’t recover it.

• Sign in and go to Compose mail browser screen. Compose your email normally and choose the Encrypt check box.

• Type a question only known to the recipient.

• Click on the send button and encrypted mail is sent now. Email is delivered normally with an embedded link redirecting your recipients to the web page, where you will have to answer a question correctly to view the full email.

This is the encryption process of your email.


Services offered by reliable SMTP Provider are simply the Best

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Email marketing is considered as one of the most effective and result-oriented marketing methods in present times. In today’s world of technology, as more and more people are gaining access to computer devices and internet connection, the popularity and acceptance of email marketing have soared high.

It is a widely known fact that marketing done through emails can make a big and positive impact on your business. Email marketing, in all probability, if done right, can bring high Return on Investment (ROI) and increase traffic on your web page.

However, it is necessary for email marketers to connect with SMTP server, if they want their marketing campaign to be successful. This mail server makes the process of emailing smoother and faster.

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) looks after outgoing mail delivery process and makes it smoother. It happens sometimes with email marketers that in spite of having installed SMTP, emails sent by them are not being delivered properly.

So, What is the option Left with Email Marketer?

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If such circumstances occur, email marketers should instantly check their SMTP mail server connection and if needed, they must find an alternative. They should seek services from a reliable and trustworthy SMTP service provider because of the quality of services offered by them.

Features of a Reliable SMTP Server Provider

Support to every email application

The reliable SMTP server is attuned to almost every email application. So, it does not matter whether you use Mac Mail, Mail Evolution, Send Blaster, Mozilla Thunderbird, Interspire or any other email application, an experienced service provider is compatible with almost all the email applications.

Promotional Mail Delivery

For a successful email campaign, your emails and newsletters need to be delivered properly. The experienced SMTP providers have developed their technology and expertise to effectively deal with all the email delivery requirements.

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Superior Web Mailer

SMTP providers with expertise in the market offer advanced and easy web mailing service to their clients and allow them to benefit from smooth emailing experience. The advanced web mailer also helps you manage your subscription list and connect to the subscribers with greater ease.

Dedicated IP Service

If you are a bulk mailer, you must have a dedicated IP. Though SMTP providers offer shared as well as unique IP, bulk e-mailers should go for dedicated IP services. Some of the SMTP providers offer cloud computing technology to assure speedy and timely email delivery.

There are several different services offered by SMTP providers. Email marketers should make the best use of SMTP services to ensure success in their email marketing campaign.