Ecommerce Sites enhanced for Mobile and Tablet Users!

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In recent times, with the advent of smart phones and tablets, the world can access the internet 24/7 from anywhere they want and not through a heavy laptop but through a lightweight phone, which is the size of your palm or a tablet which is sleek and as light as a book. With these devices and a mobile net connection, the internet has become extremely accessible to any individual who owns similar devices.

As the net surfing has become so easy, you can also visit a few website, read eBooks and even download music while walking back from work, sunbathing on the beach and even during lunch hour at work. Therefore, a person with any one of these devices is equipped with the power of the internet anytime they need it. So, if you have to buy movie tickets, make dinner reservations or even shop, you can do it from your Smartphone or tablet.

If you have forgotten to buy something you require from a shop or if you don’t have time to go to a shop, you can finish your shopping online. E-commerce these days is thriving thanks to technology and accessibility of the internet. However, e-commerce sites must be aware of the fact that these days, people visit their sites from various devices not just desktops or laptops. Therefore, to enhance their business, they must design their sites in such a way that people can view it on any kind of screen, regardless of the size. Here are a few points they can keep in mind to help their business do better:

Know who your customer is

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Before you make your products accessible to mobile phone users, take the help of Google Analytics to find out where your customers are from, how they found your mobile site, what devices they use and what they search for on your site. If you get all these details you will be able to design your site in such a way, that majority of the people will be able to access your website and purchase products from any device like laptops, smart phones or tablets.

People should be able to scan your homepage with ease

You must keep in mind the size of the screen of the mobile phones and tablets. Your site should be designed in such a way that it can be easily viewed on screens of all sizes. The graphics should be less but the content clear and bold. The category of products or services should be emphasized the most as that is the most important part.

Make shopping easier for mobile users

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Mobile shoppers usually make emergency or impulsive purchases as this is the most convenient option to buy something they require urgently or something they have forgotten to purchase. Therefore, just for mobile users make sure the steps leading to check out are few and simple.

These are some of the ways in which e-commerce sites can be made better for mobile or tablet users.


How Assists in Your Email Marketing By Eradicating Bugs and Malware Threats?

In the present times, business owners need to send out newsletters and other business related information to the clients spreading throughout the world. Most businesses prefer to communicate with their clients over emails because it is safe, secured and fast. However, it happens sometimes that your mail server does not respond fast in delivery process and sent emails jump into spam box.

So, if you encounter such disturbances with your email marketing campaign, SMTP mail server can be an ideal solution to you. There are some good reasons for you to prefer this outgoing mail server. SMTP mail server is laden with several features to check spamming and make the email communication faster and smoother.

Constantly adding varieties to SMTP features, COMODO hacker proof vulnerability services have been introduced by Your emails are now safe and protected and threats from bugs and malware are washed out.

COMODO has earned reliable reputation because of its potential to fight off the bug threats from your emails and system. Here are some dominant features of COMODO hacker proof services:

SMTP Provider Hacker Proof Service


This hacker-proof service works on some proficient anti-viruses and the scanning process starts as soon as you switch to any program. The antivirus works efficiently to recognise the threats and debug your email programs and system.


Email users do not need to worry about firewall, as almost every testing site values the firewall services of COMODO.


The Host-based Intrusion System works efficiently to remove the unidentified bugs from web-based programs and system. This application is responsible to stop unknown threats from spreading to the files, folders, settings and windows registry. To intercept the installation of unknown files, Default Deny Protections comes into play.

Remote assistance

Now your emails and computer system can be disinfected from bugs by the technicians anytime and from anywhere.

Process monitoring

Your system is constantly monitored through the KillSwitch application which protects and sanitizes your mails and system.

Malware cleaning

If antivirus could not detect some malware threats, the Cleaning Essentials is equipped with the weapon to take care of them. You can download the latest updates on internet for entire duration. facilitates the necessary applications to eradicate malware from your system and emails. In addition to the COMODO, there are many other features of this service provider to facilitate smooth and fast email delivery experience.

The highly defined features and services of are solely for the purpose of overwhelming emailing experience. So, connect with this SMTP service provider to achieve your marketing goal with ease.

Which One is Advantageous: Outsourced SMTP Service or SMTP Hosting Service?

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If you are an online marketer and facing troubles in email delivery, outsourcing SMTP services can be very useful to you. SMTP server is known for its ability to facilitate smooth and fast email delivery. Moreover, this server keeps a track on all the sent emails and lets the marketers know whether emails were sent out correctly.

One must know that effective and reliable communication play an important role in the email marketing campaign. But, online marketers are still ignorant about the effectiveness and ability of reliable communication, which can do wonders in their business campaigns. Online business houses must have proper and consistent external as well as internal communication for the roaring success of their business endeavours.

If one has secured the services of SMTP server, they can ensure a smooth external and internal communication. This mail server provides lots of tools through which businesses can control and modify the communication settings according to own requirements. If the SMTP tools are used effectively, there are no reasons why your business will not produce positive results.

However, online marketers must look out for the best SMTP provider for the avail of best-quality services. Finding a trustworthy and efficient service provider is not a hassle, if you do thorough research in the market. Follow the below mentioned tips while you are looking out for a reliable SMTP hosting service:

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• First of all, find out everything about the services on offer from the SMTP provider. Discuss your needs and concerns with the service providers prior to looking at their plans. Now, you can compare the services offered by different companies. Additionally, you also need to find out the price and value of services and support from the companies.

• It is good and beneficial to avail of services from the reputed and experienced service provider in the market. Go through customer reviews and collect enough information from the existing as well as previous customers. You can also contact business bureau for further information about the service provider. It is also advised to seek help from the online communities, which are there to solve out computing related issues.

Moreover, there are many business owners not sure about whether to host their own SMTP services or go for outsourced services. To tell you the truth, both kinds of services hold their importance in the corporate sector.

Most big business houses host their own SMTP services with their own infrastructure. On the other hand, small and medium size enterprises do not have enough capital and infrastructure facilities to host own SMTP services, outsourced or third party SMTP services can be quite useful to them.

Hence, whether small enterprise or a big business house, everybody needs to avail of SMTP services. So, research well before connecting with a SMTP service.