Growth of Email Marketing over the Years

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More than half the people in the world spend their time online these days. As this phenomenon is taking over the world, businesses are now going online as well. Communication for businesses is integral, and the fastest and most cost efficient way to reach out to clients all over the world is through email. Marketing is a huge part of any business, and as everything is done online these days, traditional marketing has now given way to online marketing. One of the most effective tools of online marketing is email marketing.

Gary Thuerk, Marketing Manager of DEC or Digital Equipment Corp, in 1978, first sent out promotional emails to 400 users through Arpanet. These promotional messages were sent directly to the inboxes of users. This led to a 13 million dollar sale of machines from DEC. This was the first example of the effectiveness of email marketing.

Later, in 1991, with the advent of the internet, web based, free email services came into being which made communication easier for every person who owned a computer. With the advent of the internet, telephonic marketing now switched to the online mode as it was more cost effective. However, there were a few flaws. Spamming, for example, was one of them. Later, a few laws were made to contain marketers from spamming mail boxes; customer’s could now opt-out or even block emails.

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After the advent of smart phones, emails slowly went mobile. Reportedly, in the year 2012, 40 percent of the emails were checked on mobile phones and tabs. Some say that email marketing is dying out but with a recent study conducted in the US, thoughts have changed.

94% of American citizens, older than 12, are active online and use email regularly. For 58% of adults checking email is the first thing they do in the morning.

64% of companies are planning to increase investments in email marketing in 2013.

77% of consumers reported that they prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through email.

For every dollar spent on email marketing in 2011, there was a 40.56 dollars return. (Source:

Therefore, the future of email marketing seems bright and if a few upcoming technologies are adopted in the process, then email marketing will certainly reach great heights.


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