Barbados could have paid more attention to educational issues – Ministry of Education

In the view of Senator Harry Husbands, Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Barbados would enhance its competitiveness considerably if every organization in Barbados would have paid critical attention to the educational issues and its relationship with productivity. He made the remark as he delivered the featured address at a Building Capacity and Empowering Teachers Workshop.

Education Ministry, in collaboration with Illuminat (Barbados) Ltd. and IBM Education Solutions Canada, hosted the workshop at Illuminat’s Whitepark Road headquarters. The participants of the training session which included officials Media Resource Department and education officers were said by the Senator that one important route to achieve this goal was the continuous development of human capital. He said that, “The Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation remains fully committed to training and developing its human resources. The view is that every employee can make a meaningful contribution to the efficient and effective running of the institution. In order for them to do so, however, they must possess the skills and competencies needed to provide the services that are required.”

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He explained that instead of massive investment in the field of technology, the upgrading facility, training of many teachers and recent analysis are still reflecting the loop holes in the quality of educational environment, uneven distribution of educational resources and lack of educational leadership and effectiveness of teachers. He lamented, “It is for these reasons that the Government of Barbados continues to place significant emphasis on the development of human and social capital, particularly through investments in education, as it strives towards the long-term vision of becoming a fully development- and people-centered society.”

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He confirmed that the Barbados Government, along with the Caribbean Development Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, has embarked on the intervening factors of educational sector. This will improve the educational quality and effectiveness of basic education, relevance of secondary education and impact of technical and vocational training respectively. These programmes will also include provision of technology and professional development of teacher. “The training, therefore, being provided by Illuminat Barbados and IBM Education Solutions is extremely appropriate and considered very important” he remarked.

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Senator Husbands also said that the collaboration with Illuminat (Barbados) Limited and IBM Education Solutions Canada is very timely and it also shows that there are people and institutions out there having a interest in the development of education system in Barbados and a quality education that can cut edge. This enhancement in teaching will improve the country’s competitive ability so that it can compete on the international platform.


Growth of Email Marketing over the Years

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More than half the people in the world spend their time online these days. As this phenomenon is taking over the world, businesses are now going online as well. Communication for businesses is integral, and the fastest and most cost efficient way to reach out to clients all over the world is through email. Marketing is a huge part of any business, and as everything is done online these days, traditional marketing has now given way to online marketing. One of the most effective tools of online marketing is email marketing.

Gary Thuerk, Marketing Manager of DEC or Digital Equipment Corp, in 1978, first sent out promotional emails to 400 users through Arpanet. These promotional messages were sent directly to the inboxes of users. This led to a 13 million dollar sale of machines from DEC. This was the first example of the effectiveness of email marketing.

Later, in 1991, with the advent of the internet, web based, free email services came into being which made communication easier for every person who owned a computer. With the advent of the internet, telephonic marketing now switched to the online mode as it was more cost effective. However, there were a few flaws. Spamming, for example, was one of them. Later, a few laws were made to contain marketers from spamming mail boxes; customer’s could now opt-out or even block emails.

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After the advent of smart phones, emails slowly went mobile. Reportedly, in the year 2012, 40 percent of the emails were checked on mobile phones and tabs. Some say that email marketing is dying out but with a recent study conducted in the US, thoughts have changed.

94% of American citizens, older than 12, are active online and use email regularly. For 58% of adults checking email is the first thing they do in the morning.

64% of companies are planning to increase investments in email marketing in 2013.

77% of consumers reported that they prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through email.

For every dollar spent on email marketing in 2011, there was a 40.56 dollars return. (Source:

Therefore, the future of email marketing seems bright and if a few upcoming technologies are adopted in the process, then email marketing will certainly reach great heights.

Outsource SMTP Services for Effective Email Communication

Effective and reliable communication is repeatedly ignored because of their virtual obscurity but its significance cannot be overlooked and overstated. If effective internal communication helps business unit to cooperate with each other, effectual external communication ensures the success of interaction with clients.

An effective SMTP service helps businesses gain control over their external as well as internal communication. Businesses can control and modify the settings according to respective needs and make use of tools to observe the success of communication plans.

Here are a few tips to help businesses to find out a reliable SMTP service provider for a right SMTP hosting

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• It simple to ask SMTP providers about the services being offered by them. Businesses should discuss their needs and concerns for the future with prospective service providers. One can get to know about all the offered services and compare them with the services of other companies. Also, knowing about the value of each service and support being offered by service provider can prove to be useful in the long run.

• Businesses should always seek services from reliable and experienced SMTP provider. If you are considering certain service providers, the first and foremost thing to do is to read customer reviews about them. Previous and existing customers can give you a detailed version of the services offered by specific service provider. You can also contact business bureau on the search engines to know more about the service provider. There are some online communities helping you solve computing related issues and also offer customer reviews of SMTP providers. It is very simple to seek help in finding the right SMTP services from such places.

SMTP hosting or Outsourced SMTP service

Though SMTP hosting is the best available solution for small and medium sized business enterprises, some business ventures can also get benefitted by the third party SMTP services, which are also known as outsourced SMTP services. Businesses must not hesitate in looking for alternatives to the options which are being considered by them. They should always consider short as well as long term costs while comparing between outsourced SMTP service and in-house SMTP server. In the short run, in-house SMTP server can be less expensive than outsourced SMTP services but when considering for a long term, outsourced SMTP service proves to be useful as well as cost efficient than in-house SMTP server.

SMTP server is useful for small and medium-sized businesses. It is completely your choice whether you like to have in-house SMTP server or third party SMTP services.

Email Marketing is Beneficial for Ecommerce Merchants

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No matter what the size of your e-commerce site is, how much traffic (site visitors) it can generate, is more important. The process of starting a business is creating a website. Some spend dollars while others spend very little. But the main aim behind it is drawing customers to your website and increasing the sales. A potential customer can visit your website only if they physically type the domain name or click on a link in the internet which directs them to your page. So, to drive customers to your website, you will require two widely accepted marketing methods named SEO and SEM.

Search Engine Optimization

It refers to improving the rank of your website on search engine pages such as Google and Yahoo! So when a person wants to search some information about a product then the name of e-commerce site should appear in the list of links. It is a cost effective method but you need to work hard to generate traffic which also takes better part of a year for achieving a decent result.

Search Engine Marketing

It is mainly a paid text related advertisement which appears either above or to the right to the above mentioned SEO e-commerce sites on normal search engines. So the businessmen use the keyword which matches with the original search term used by potential customer. They need to buy such keywords from search engines and pay them every time a visitor opens your link.

Online marketing via sending emails has become the latest afterthought in many organizations. It’s new, easy to target and cheap. It helps your brand in being visible and it is result oriented.

What are the benefits of email marketing?

Easy expansion:

you can easily expand your business over the geographical boundaries and all across the world without opening a brick and cement store everywhere. It helps you to serve all your customers virtually wherever they are.

Multiple channels to reach out to your customers:

An online store is open 24×7. This helps you in reaching out to your customers anytime. You should help you buyers in many ways so they can phone, fax, drop-in and even order online. This is going to increase in sale and expand your business.

Affordable and Time saving:

Online medium is easy, fast and cheap. You don’t have to waste time and money in constructing a store. All you need to do is design a website and start promoting it.

    • It is a cost effective way to market your product and company and saves you from the burden of designing brochures and hoardings.
    • You can easily clear old stock by putting them online. You can publish it in the newsletter and send to your customers.
    • It provides you the complete product catalogue. There is a limit in printing a catalogue else it will cost you more but on online platform the customers can go through complete list and pick an item of their liking.
  • It empowers customers and establishes a good relation between merchants and their clients. Consumers today are more aware of the online medium and e-commerce sites navigate them into the process. This increases client’s faith in seller and seller’s market so they can bring better thing at their client’s doorstep.

Thus, email marketing helps the merchant to reach a large number of clients at once. They can send promotional newsletters and transactional mails instantly without incurring additional cost and time in post and delivery. They can have a global market with potential customers spread everywhere.