For an Effective Email Delivery, SMTP Server is Must

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Internet is one of the most remarkable inventions of modern era and emails are the top communication medium. Both of them together have made a difference in the modern communication world.

Emails rule the roost in present day’s communication world. Be it personal or business affairs, emails are trusted to transmit messages from one source to another. Emails have become the most trusted partner of communicators. Meanwhile, emails are taken as a crucial application ensuring the success or failure of business ventures.

Email marketing is the latest talk of town. A lot of business owners trust emails for marketing their products. However, for a result-oriented email marketing campaign, there is a need of reliable and efficient outgoing mail server, SMTP.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP mail server is widespread in use because of its user-friendly features and sheer competent features. Whether you need to send bulk emails or keep your emails spam-free, SMTP proves handy under each and every circumstance.

Though SMTP functions in easy way but it is responsible to look after most important aspect of email marketing. For a wide outreach, emails need to be delivered fast and effectively and SMTP does just that.

The moment send option is clicked on the computer screen, email client gets in touch with SMTP server that connects with the servers of recipients and subsequently delivers the emails. This sounds simple but there are many steps involved in the entire process.

It happens many times that SMTP server fail to connect with the server of recipients then, emails wait in the queue and the outgoing mail server tried to deliver the message by establishing the connection on regular intervals. If the emails are left undelivered for five days or so, emails return to the original sender marked as undelivered.

Here is how SMTP server functions

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• After typing the message and hitting the send option, mail client connects with SMTP on port 25

• Email addresses of recipients and sender are provided to SMTP, which then check the email content for spamming

• Email addresses of recipients are broken into recipients name and domain name. If the domain is same, POP3 server delivers the emails. In case of different domain name, SMTP converses with respective domain

• Then, SMTP collects IP address of recipient’s SMTP server from DNS

• Outgoing SMTP server tries to establish connection with the SMTP server on recipient on port 25

When the domain name of sender is recognised, SMTP delivers the message to POP3 server which ultimately delivers the message to recipient’s inbox.

SMTP server helps maintain a positive reputation of IP and tries to keep the IP address white-listed. So, it’s essential to connect with a reliable and trustworthy SMTP provider.


SMTP Packages will fit to your need and Pocket

SMTP provider is the best solution to all your emailing needs be it for business or personal purposes. It is an affordable solution to all your problems. They strive to make online communication easier for you by sending millions of mails. Their service lies in offering a dedicated SMTP server and multiple IP addresses which are introduced to the business for the first time. Some of their features are bulk email delivery, sending transactional emails, maintaining positive IP reputation, avoiding junk delivery, reporting and tracking client’s feedback, and using advanced technology.

On SMTP provider you can send mail from all across the world. They ensure an effective and smooth delivery of your mail to your recipient’s inbox. A wide range of subscription choice is provided by them catering to various clients’ needs. One can easily find a subscription matching his requirement. You will experience the best service at an affordable price with SMTP provider packages by your side.

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Various plans of SMTP are as follows:

Plan 1 – It is actually a trial pack for the first time users and completely free. It is valid for one month. You can send mails to a maximum number of 100 people under this plan.

Plan 2 – You can buy this plan for 2$ and send mails to a maximum number of 1000 people at a time. This is generally used by small marketers.

Plan 3 – this plan costs 5 $ only and you can enjoy a smooth mailing to 4000 people in one go.

Plan 4 – You will get this plan by paying 10 $ and use SMTP server to email 10000 clients at once.

Plan 5 – You will be required to pay 20 $ to reach 25000 clients. All you need to do is buy this plan and enjoy emailing.

Plan 6 – This plan will cost you 30 $ to send mails to a maximum number of 50000 customers.

Plan 7 – You will be able to reach to 100000 clients if you buy this 50 $ plan pack.

Plan 8 – If you are ready to invest 80 $ you can reach up to 150000 clients.

Plan 9 – This plan will cost you 150 $ to communicate with 300000 clients.

Plan 10 – A maximum of 500000 clients can be reached by just spending 250 $.

Plan 11 – If you are a big organization having clients all around the world then this plan is good for you. It costs you 300 $ to communicate with 750000 clients.

Plan 12 – Similar to the previous plan this plan this plan is for big organizations and you can use any of these plans according to the number of your clients. You can buy this plan for 400 $ only to reach up to 1 million clients.

Thus, SMTP provider brings you many options to choose from. You are free to choose any plan according to the size of your business and number of clients.

How to optimize a mobile e-mail marketing campaign

E-mail marketing is and has always been one of the best tools for online marketing. Even with the sudden rise of social media marketing and many tech gurus announcing that the age of e-mail marketing is over, it has survived the test of time. Not only has it improved (permission marketing for example) it has also evolved over the past decade. The growing popularity of the tablet, the phablet and smartphones has forced e-mail marketers to reinvent their strategies and make their campaigns more relevant and productive.

Most people today check their e-mails on their mobiles. This makes the e-mail almost as good as an instant message. It no longer sits around the inbox and getting buried under a long list of other mails. So the question that now comes up is, how to optimize e-mail marketing campaign that is targeted at mobile users? Here are a few pointers to help you out.

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Optimize email marketing for mobile users

Get your graphics right

Your potential customer’s mobile screen can be anywhere between two to six inches. This is quite different from a desktop or laptop screen that usually has a minimum of fourteen inches. So what should you do? Take a clue from websites that are designed to be responsive. Make sure that the text of the e-mail is arranged in a single column and on a background with a high contrast. Also don’t forget to increase the font size. While images add to an e-mail’s appeal, try to keep them to a minimum.

Perfect your content

You are ultimately sending an e-mail to your customer in expectations that you will get a return on your investment. For this to happen, your message has to be short and crystal clear. No one today has the time to read soliloquies so just get to the point and say what you really want to say. And if you are using boldface and bullets, use them only when necessary. Always remember that your reader is looking at a small screen and will not bother to read anything that is too small, too long, or too cluttered.

Use an SMTP mobile software application

This puts you on the other side of the spectrum where you’re actually using the device yourself. Sending bulk e-mails has always been a headache, but thanks to cloud technology, you can now send your e-mails, promotional, transactional e-mails from anywhere in the world at any time. An SMTP app will ensure that you can run your e-mail marketing campaign from wherever you are.

So keep these tips in mind to make the best of your e-mail marketing campaign. And if you have any tips to share, don’t forget to mention them in the comments section.

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An SMTP Server makes an Email Marketing Plan Succeed

Email marketing is one of the most important and effective online marketing tools. As most businesses are going online, the need of email marketing is increasing by the day. However, ordinary outgoing mail servers fail to meet the prerequisites of a successful email marketing strategy. Therefore, most businesses that rely heavily on email marketing choose to use an outgoing SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol server.

An SMTP server is the most reliable email server when it comes to sending out mails to clients and customers. The features an SMTP server provides are unique and unmatched. A SMTP server is trustworthy and an email marketing strategy can work brilliantly if an SMTP server is relied upon. Here are few of the advantages of an SMTP server that work in the favor of email marketing strategies.

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Bulk Email

Bulk email marketing is the best way to send out emails and newsletters to clients and customers all around the world. Sending out mails in bulk is only possible through SMTP servers and it is one of the most cost effective ways of sending out mails to a large number of people all at once. Email marketing uses only bulk email services to ‘spread the word’.

Tracking Emails and Maintaining Reports

In an email marketing strategy it is very important to track the status of your emails. Tracking your emails is only possible if you use an SMTP server. Your mails will be tracked till they are delivered to the recipient. You can also find out whether your mail has bounced, is in queue or has been deferred. It is also possible to find out the recipients reaction and response to the email. Using this service, you can now find out how successful your email marketing strategy has been.

Avoids Emails from Going into SPAM

What happens most of the times is that, your email or newsletter goes into spam or the junk mail of the recipient. This way, many emails do not reach recipients inbox and are therefore deleted even before it is opened. SMTP servers make sure that your mails reach the inbox of the recipients without fail. This reliable service helps people circulate their emails and newsletters without the fear of them landing up in the junk mail or as spam.

Email marketing is highly successful if a reliable SMTP server is used to send out the emails. SMTP servers make sure that mails reach recipients effectively and safely.